Dragoon Prestige Class

Base Attack +5
Skills: Jump 8 ranks
Feats: Weapon Focus (any polearm), Power Attack, Leap Attack, Leap of the Heavens

Good Saving Throws: Fortitude
Base Attack: same as a fighter
Hit Dice: D10
Skill points: 2+int modifier

Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Jump, Profession, Ride, Spot, Swim

Proficient with all polearms and all types of armor, no shields.

Level 1: Ring of Jumping (actually tattooed but takes a ring slot. Grants +10 to jump checks. Stand still high jump now is feet = skill check. So a roll of 22 jumps 22 feet high)

Level 2: Falling Strike (can attack an opponent at the end of a fall or jump, causing them to become flat-footed)

Level 3: Exposed Strike (When performing a falling strike, deals +1d6 dam per 10' above 10'. So 20' fall deals +1d6 dam, 30' fall deals +2d6 dam. This amount is maxed at 1d6 per dragoon level.) Cushioned Fall (When a successful attack is made at the end of a fall, no damage is taken)

Level 4: Leaping Reflexes (1/2 of the ranks in jump skill goes into reflex saves.)

Level 5: DR 1/-

Level 6: Skill Focus (Jump)

Level 7: Double High Jump (Every point in the check grants 2 feet instead of 1)

Level 8: Hasted Leap (Leap any height and fall in one turn)

Level 9: Greater Ring of Jumping (Tattoo grants +20 to jump checks)

Level 10: Superior Exposed Strike (Damage done is no longer limited by Dragoon level. Still maxes out at 20d6 damage.)