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Pandas are from china.

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I disagree. Astrology is tied to the planets, specifically the movement thereof in relation to one another and those effects on influencing human behavior. Movement of a planet is influenced by physics.
It's "fortune telling", crystal reading hocum ... Nothing to do with physics.

There are approximately 6 billion people in the world ... on any day, an "Aquarian" for instance will meet a stranger and they will have a lovely day ... blah blah blah

So ... you're telling me that 500 million people are going to have that happen to them ??? NO THEY ARE NOT

It is nothing to do with physics, it effects the idiots who read stupid magazines with"THEIR STARS" in them -- there is nothing at all to do with science ...

Oh, and if you read 5 magazines and 5 newspapers, NONE of them would say the same thing was going to happen to the hapless reader ...

Astrology -- Physics ... Pahhh

But, back on track:

United Kingdom
David Prowse
Darth Vader

From: Ostentation To: Mio-Cardio Infarction

Heart disease
Which, I presume, is what you meant as google shows no evidence of "mio-cardio" being an actual thing.
Myocardial Infarction

Parasites to diodes

I'm curious how Gluttony is related to being showy or flashy in an attempt to impress people. Unless there is another meaning to Ostentatious or Gluttony I'm not familiar with.

I think they're connected through the concept of excess.


And here's a couple of random words courtesy of Wikipedia: Random
Thomas Jefferson to Bukit Merah

Gluttony can also cover the consumption of "wealth items". And ostentation can include displays based on foodstuffs. So the two link together quite handily through a number of directions.

And holy crap, that's a tricky one.

Thomas Jefferson
United States of America
(former) British territory
Bukit Merah

Bananas to quartz

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