House Rules

House Rules

Before I get into the mechanical side of things, a few quick rules that we will be following in this game forum:
  • No griefing of fellow players. We're all adults here.
  • Always Ask: There are no dumb questions. Communication is key.

  • The DM's word is final. There are bound to be disagreements, and I don't mind at all being called out on a mistake; in fact, I insist that you do so, but once an issue has been addressed, let's put it to rest.
  • My mission with these house rules is to improve the game experience for everyone, but I should mention, that I have not had the chance to go through each and every rule in the PFSRD with a fine tooth comb. Therefore, I reserve the right to make additional changes should the need arise. Sections where I am almost certain this will happen at some point have been marked with this notation: (wip)

Ok then, let's get to it:

Allowed Sources

This one's really simple. You'll only need a single resource in order to be a player in this game, and it's freely available online:

Pathfinder SRD

Please note that all content is subject to approval. The majority of what can be found on the Pathfinder SRD should be allowed with no problem, but there may be some cases where content will need to be slightly modified, and rare cases where content will be disallowed, so if you're choosing a variable class feature, feat or spell, running it by me first is never a bad idea.

Basics & Ability Scores

Ability Scores:

For Ability scores you will roll in this thread, using the code 8m4d6v1r1. Of the eight results you will drop the lowest AND highest rolls. This will give you your starting ability scores before racial modifiers. You may re-roll if after dropping the two scores your total modifiers add up to LESS THAN +7.
As your character progresses, you will add one point to two different ability scores at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 18 and 20.

Restricted Bonuses:

No ability score can be applied to the same stat more than once, regardless of bonus type, even if another character is the source.

Other Basics


No evil-aligned characters will be allowed.
Alignment restrictions on character classes have been lightened. Ask for details.

Hit Points:

All characters will take max hit points at level 1, and will roll for all subsequent levels, using the following codes based on hit dice (these will ensure that you never roll less than half your possible hit points):
d6: 1d6r2
d8: 1d8r3
d10: 1d10r4
d12: 1d12r5


All characters will start with two traits, as follows:
One regional or racial trait.
One other trait of your choice. Pathfinder Traits
Note: Some feats have been converted to traits. See feats section for details.

Starting Gold & Equipment:

Max for first level from whichever of your classes is higher.
No firearms.
Banned Items: none yet (wip)

Character Class
  • All characters wil be gestalt characters starting at level 1.
  • If you're familiar with gestalt leveling, great.
    If not, read this:
  • There will be no multiclassing or prestige classes.
  • Gunslinger and Wizard are not allowed.
  • Cavalier is not recommended.
  • Witch, you'll have to convince me that the class works properly.
  • Psionic classes are not allowed.
Changes to Spellcasting Classes
  • All spellcasting classes will now cast spontaneously with a limited number of spells known.
  • Any class with access to zero level spells can cast those spells an infinite number of times per day.
  • Since clerics will now be spontaneous casters, they will be allowed one additional spell per day as a domain slot, and can use this slot to cast any of their domain spells, even those of a lower spell level than the slot being used. Druids and Rangers who choose a domain as part of their Nature Bond feature will follow these same guidelines.
  • Clerics will automatically add
    Cure wounds and Mass Cure Wounds to their list of spells known. These will not count against the limited spells known shown on the table above.
  • Druids will automatically add all Summon Nature's Ally spells to their list of spells known. These will not count against the limited spells known shown on the table above.

Other Changes to Classes:

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