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Photo Build!

Photo Build!

Alright, so the rules of the game;
  • Your aim is to make the most SUITABLE build to replicate what you see in the photo/image/picture posted
  • I leave the picture up for 24 hours
  • At the end of the 24 the most creative/suitable build wins
  • DnD 3.5/Pathfinder only
  • Must use between 10-20 Class levels (Bonus points for full 20 level progression)
  • Obscure sources must be referenced
  • The build must be functional (Prerequisites met etc etc)
  • Race must be closest to photo/image/picture

Got it? Go!

Here's your first AND your second to get us started;

Human Wizard Evoker 10

Unless you meant the guy being fried, in that case he would be a very porely built Half-elf Fighter/Duelist.

I am not great at building things, but he isn't wearing any sort of headband.

He is using silent spell, not still spell, as he has to wave his hands around, but doesn't seem to speak.

I was just giving some example items that I would have built him with. the headband could easily be 'ear ring of intelect' or 'shiny robes of intelect'. The Silent spell comment makes sense though. Will edit it in!

Evoker with piercing evocation was clever! Very picture related.

Looking forward to seeing more Also - leave out skills, it'll be easier on yourself

First picture, Elan Psion (Kinetics) 10/Pyrokineticist 10, using only the Expanded Psionics Handbook

Equipment: Torque of Power Preservation, Headband of Intellect +6, Ring of Protection +5, Bracers or Armor +8, Amulet of Natural Armor +5, Gloves of Dexterity +6, Cloak of Charisma +6

The Old man is an ancient Elan Pyrokinteicist. He has a number of powers and abilities he could be using in the picture above.
In the first instance, he is using his Ability of Conflagration, which deals 15d6 fire damage to all within a 30' radius of him. Reflex for half, save is equal to 15+ his Charisma modifier.
In the second instance, he is sinking Power points into Energy Current (fire focus), and Empowering/Maximizing/Twinning the power. This creates a big boom of flame.

Even barring the two instances given, there are numerous ways for this old man to turn you into charcoal.

Okay, picture 2 time!
Fighter7/Exotic weapon Master 3/Kensai 10

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