Chapter 1

The jawa jumped to his feet when he heard the man by name and scurried over to his table. Shoes in hand he proceeded with his sales "pitch." He spoke incredibly fast and said
Hey there pal this is your lucky day I got shoes! I got droids! I got droid shoes! I've got a shoe droid! I've got what you need and you got what I need. I'll give you the shoes, the droid shoes and a holocron if you'll test drive my shoe droid! How about it, how about it huh. Com'on over and lets make a deal
He gestured to the parties' table. As he made his sales pitch he made sure to slow down slightly and make 'eye' contact with the duros when he said the word 'holocron'

His eyes squint at Jawa at the mention of a holocron and he says, I am looking for a new droid.

The Duros gets up and walks over to ya'll table after looking around the cantina obviously not seeing somebody he sits down..

You must be my contacts, you fit your description well. I don't know anything about a holocron, I think most of you aren't old enough to remember even the remaining few Jedi that were wiped out by that no good.... he stops himself and calms down, I think I found an old house in the middle of a jungle on Ambria that belonged to a Jedi. I didn't have time to explore the house fully as I got attacked by a pack of Nexus creatures. I don't know if there is any important information there, but it is one of the few structures i have found completely intact with no obvious Imperial entanglement.

At that point in time a droid walks in and looks around the cantina

You are coming with us Tytonne. He looks at the rest of the group and says, Do not interfere of you will be taken into custody as well.

Your crimes for poaching on Imperial lands have not gone unnoticed, come quietly and don't force me to kill you.

With that The droid takes him and ties his hands behind his back and walks out the cantina with him.

Tytonne looks back at ya'll as he's hauled out by a nasty looking droid who announces into it's wrist RedBase this is C-3PO and we have the poacher.. If anybody makes a move to help him he shakes his head.

Ya'll notice he drops a data chip, and the droid doesn't seem to notice.

If anybody interferes let me know I will post an update if anybody so chooses.

Churr'Ipa looks at the droid to determine its
Dice Roll: 2d6 1d6etz
d6 Results: 5, 4 (Total = 9)
d6 Results: 2
Sum Total: 11
value (11)

Aspar sits back without reacting as their contact is apprehended. He does not flinch when the Duro is taken into custody by the Empire. His feelings for the Empire were not pleasant and regardless of who their contact was, good or evil, he wanted to free him from his captor.

Aspar did nothing but watch.

"This is not our fight Dr."

Aspar spots the datachip that was cleverly dumped.

"I will buy the next round, it will all work out."

Aspar pats the young Dr. on the shoulder and fixes him with a very pleasant and warm smile. He then walks over fetching some items from small pouch as they seem to fall from his hands and clatter at his feet. Grumbling embarrassed, Aspar kneels down and gathers up his dropped belongings and places them back in his pouch. His thumb traces the shape of the new data chip as it sat amongst the rest of his items.

He returns to the table with a fresh round of drinks.

"Perhaps we should retire to the ship soon and discuss the next step of the task."

Hadirak watched the former protocol droid enter and then leave with their contact.

"I'll be a motherless Hutt."

As Aspar retrieved the contact's datachip, Hadirak readied to go.

"Yeah let's get while the gettins good."

The jawa fingered the handle of his modified Ion Blaster thinking about the price the droid would fetch before rethinking that course of action. Once their contact was gone and Aspar returned with drinks the little fella downed his as fast as possible.
We should go soon, like now soon. It's only a matter of time before the imperials get info outa that poor guy. When they do you can bet they'll be after us. Let's go!

Getting back to ya'll ship Aspar you plug up the data chip up to your ships computer to analyze it....and you find that it's actually a droid data core...your ship can't read it.


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