Character submissions:

Character submissions:


How to set up the submission:

1. This is a setting with humans as the only playable character race
2. The groups purpose will be good aligned, but you can be neutral or evil as long as you have a strong motivation to follow the group and aid it and its causes
3. I want at least half a page, but no more than one page of background for the character. The background should have details about more than just growing up. Remember that you are to play a competent 10th lvl adventurer!

Character creation:
lvl 14, 50 point buy, no stats above 18 at first lvl
human only
half hp each lvl
wealth by lvl
no psionics or tome of battle

Approved books:
Players handbook 1 & 2
All Complete books are ok
Unearthed Arcana
Book of Vile Deeds, Book of Exalted Deeds
Libris Mortis
Fiendish Codex 1 & 2

Request anything else, but no books bringing in new mechanics, like Tome of Battle / Complete Psionics

Name: Vajra Bogatyr
a combination of classes but the essence is a Monk
Gender: Male
With heavy swings between Lawful Good and Neutral Good
Lawful Neutral

Description: Varja (pronounced: Var Ga) is a middle aged man of slightly above-average height (6”) and surprising girth (lean 260 lbs). He is extremely heavily muscled, much like a weight lifter or body builder and his muscle mass is extremely dense. His body is relatively hair free and he has covered the skin hidden by his clothes in a multitude of tattoos, mostly scripture from Svarog in flowing text. He has shoulder length dark brown hair and surprising light blue eyes. He would have once been called good looking, however his skin is also marred by a multitude of scars, many of which are across his cheeks and chin though more are found across his body. It is said that a soldier once looked upon a naked Varja and pronounced “the man has a gash upon his skin for each year in several mens lives”.

Varja was once a well-dressed young man, before the conflict that put King Ratmir upon the throne. He would wear clean white tunic and pants with black stitching, kept up with a black rope belt, and would some-how keep them from getting dirty. Over his clothing he would wear grey or black robes to keep dust and grim from himself. He wore sandals upon his feet, preferring to stay as close to nature as possible. His hair was cropped short, even shaved prior to battle.

However, since his descent into melancholy his clothes have aged upon his skin, his robes become tattered and his sandals look a little worse for wear. His once brilliant white clothing is now almost black with grime and his black robe is now a mixture of grey and brown. He travels a lot and carries a brown satchel that holds his worldly possessions. So used to sleeping outdoors now, he declines the use of a dwelling to make his bed under the nearest tree, which of course does not help to keep his clothes clean. To most, he looks like a beggar, an interpretation he does not mind fostering by drinking to excess regularly. It is both a truth and a convenient disguise.
Personality: Varja is a kind but strong willed soul, a man who has grown of age through constant battle. His mind is as strong as a sword, his body tempered by his mind to be as strong as a rock. He shows little pain and some would believe him impervious to such mortal afflictions. His soul is devoted to Svarog, his heart devoted to his friends, his mind devoted to the on-going advancement of his skills.

The man grew up under the tutelage of the Beggar Knights and as such, has a strong compulsion to protect the weak. He is a kind soul to more than just people however, as he loves animals of all types and has been known to leap to the defence of animals being abused by people (he one almost killed a man for beating a dog). He disdains the use of animals to carry people and only accepts it as he sees the mutual assistance such animals have with their owners (food and security for the animal where the human gains the benefit of the animals strength and stamina).

Varja believes in the pure explosive power of the human body. He takes this belief very seriously and has not lifted a melee weapon in over a decade, relying on his strength and power. He has performed feats that most men believe are impossible and has strengthened his body over time to be a weapon itself. This forging of his body also came with the strength of the man’s mind. Varja is very intelligent and prior to taking up drinking would meditate daily.

Since Ratmir became king, Varja has slowly descended into self-destruction. He has begun to drink to excess on more and more regular occasions while searching out trouble within the kingdom, such as bandits, and quelling it single-handedly. None except for Varja knows the reason for this, and it is not something he shares even with the king. In fact, King Ratmir once privately commanded Varja to tell him what the issue was, to which the pugilist offered to tell the king if he could beat Varja in a boxing competition. Due to the drunk man’s prowess in unarmed combat, Ratmir declined the contest.

His friends believe Varja is waiting for something to stir him awake again, they just don’t know what will do this.
Background: Varja grew up in the streets. He did not attend any type of schooling, his lessons were hard teachings in life unlike most other children have to deal with. His parents were either drunk or abusive, often both at the same time. How he grew to the age of 5 is miraculous but it was approximately this age he learned to fend for himself. He stole or scavenged for his food, slept wherever he could find shelter. By his early teens he was a proficient thief and had abandoned his family completely. To this day he does not know what happened to them.

He was a thick set young adult, muscled as much as men twice his age from his constant scurrying up walls and across rooftops. Unfortunately his size made him a target for those recruiting bullies, and he was soon caught up in a crowd that extorted money from people upon threats of violence. Something about this irked him, and it was the constant bullying of helpless shop owners that made him turn on his employers. He turned on those who controlled him to fight for the weak. Unfortunately at this time he was not strong enough to successfully do so and was publicly beaten badly as a warning to others. This did serve a purpose however, his courage in standing up to the gang caught the attention of a passing Beggar Knight.

This knight nursed Varja back to health and praised him for standing up for what he believed in. He also told the young Varja that he needed to train, to learn how to fight effectively so that he could conquer his demons. The knight, named Ighlander, began to teach Varja how to balance himself, to wield weapons properly and to time his attacks. Varja learned swiftly, both physically and spiritually. Ighlander took the young Varja to his home on the back of his horse, to a tidy cottage some hours ride from the town. It was a well-kept home, yet very simple. Initially Varja recovered from his beating, remaining bed ridden for several weeks but eventually it was time for him to rise from the bed and enter the world again. A sheepish Varja poked his head from the cottage door watching as the Beggar Knight, dressed in simple clothes, trained his horse and himself. The boy was in awe of the man’s presence and skill, particularly the man’s skill at arms.

Varja picked up his first real sword in the days to come. He started with a wooden blade, shaped and weighted like that of a longsword. He followed the older man’s movements but found the weapon to cumbersome. It wasn’t that he couldn’t use it effectively, it’s that he didn’t enjoy using it and often fell back into using his brute strength. Next the Knight had him train with an axe, a large heavy weapon which made use of Varja’s strength but again, the weapon did not seem to fit. He then picked up a metal ended staff. This felt more like him and he trained with it daily. It wasn’t long before the training sessions escalated into mini combats, sparring that assisted both men. Ighlander had never met anyone with the raw strength of Varja, Varja had never been properly trained before.

Within 6 months the two warriors confronted the gang on their home turf and defeated them. Those that lived fled and soon the Beggar Knight advised Varja it was his time to seek his path in the world outside.

During his travels, Varja encountered many a foe. Notable events in Varjas past include:
  • Seeking the hidden monastery in the wilds of Kardomir. He did not find it but he managed to find all sorts of dangerous wildlife on his journey.
  • Battling the bandits in Ledoslavl, including the monster of a man – Borjac Headsplitter.
  • Fighting the “wizard” Udaysch. The man was a charlatan but was an extremely good engineer with an army of followers.

He also took to the field alongside King Ratmir, watching the kings back and acting as a personal bodyguard to the older man. Varja in time became more and more withdrawn from society. He came to believe society was both a blessing and a curse upon the world, seeking out more natural domains and leaving the King for long stretches at a time on some random errand or another. He additionally went from clean and crisp to ragged and a bit of a drunk, finding any excuse in which to indulge in alcohol. Those who know him and respected him for the indomitable warrior he was are both concerned and shocked by the change in the man.

Rose Ornalfi

Name: Rose Ornalfi
Class: Rogue/Wizard(illusionist)
Gender: Female
Align: CG

Name:Tarlonis Vimm
Class: Cleric/Sacred Exorcist
Gender: Male
Align: CG

Arkan IronhandClass: Bard/Paladin
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Name: Kristina "Kris" Derringer
Class: Bard. Possibly Warchanter as well
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
In a Sentence: A peasant girl whom came forth when the common folk rallied behind King Ratmir, and found that an impassioned speech can in the right hands be as good a weapon as a sword or lance.

Name: Ashram Ygdrasl
Class: Dragon Shaman
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good

I'm working on everything else, just wanted to get my basic concept up.

Name: Perun Muromets
Class: Cleric
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good


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