OOC for Her Dark Majesty

OOC for Her Dark Majesty

OOC thread, post any out of character stuff here like questions and such.

I didn't see any languages listed. I might have missed them, but are the languages same as usual? As in, an Elf starts with Common/Elf, a Halfling gets Common/Halfling, etc?

Also, Balance doesn't seem to exist in Pathfinder, so there's no real use in giving Wood Elves a +2 to it since it... uh... isn't there. XD

we starting with standard treasure for a 3rd level character ?

Never got an answer for my question, in case it was overlooked?

Aaaand we already have two Rangers. I may wind up having to take something else. v_v;

I know the feeling. Someone else was talking about making a summoner, so I hurried to make mine first.

Only took me about 14 hours to decide on everything this time, I'm getting faster.

I'm playing a rogue

I could do with knowing that too, since as a summoner I'm going to be dragging creatures from realms both celestial and infernal to do my bidding.

Knowing about languages would be handy too, for the above reason.

I would enjoy knowing this (duly thirded!) for it could help with trait-selection. Right now, I've got a Magic and a Combat, though I might push a regional if I can make it fit.

@Churlish: I'm honestly surprised you're shooting for that archetype - it's been known to get pretty ridiculous, no matter where you put it in CR. You know, like summoning 13d4+13 lantern archons? Silly.


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