OOC for Her Dark Majesty

Oh yes the pantheon totally forgot to mention this, yes the setting will have it's own though I haven't really got a chance to flesh them all out yet so some of them basically are just gods from Golarion.

Vassa, LG, God of Protection Good, Law, Protection, Sun, Earth. Longbow
Asha, NG, Creator of Man Glory, Sun, Good, Community, Animal. Longsword
Erdhin, NG, Goddess of the Sun Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun. Scimitar
Thirandor, CG, Lord of the Stars Chaos, Lust, Good, Luck, Dream. Starknife
Paraie, CG, God of Luck Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck Travel. Ranseur
Galadhil, CG, God of the Earth Chaos, Good, Artifice, Caves, Preservation. Heavy Pick

Banem, LN, Lady of Coins Law, Nobility, Travel, Luck, Protection. Light Crossbow
Sielach, LN, Goddess of Travel Travel, Liberation, Law, Luck, Weather. Rapier
Tarinde, N, Goddess of Cats Trickery, Home, Travel, Curse, Animal. Sai
Eraies, N, Lady of Knowledge Knowledge, Language, Artifice, Light, Protection. Curved Blade
Allah, N, God of Death Death, Earth, Repose, Healing, Water. Dagger
Mala, N, Diety of Nature Air, Animal, Plant, Weather, Water. Falchion
Nelaser, N, Mother of Magic Destruction, Knoledge, Magic, Rune, Time. Quaterstaff
Jfndnfksr, CN, God of Insanity Chaos, Trickery, Madness, Air, Destruction. Flail

Tarilye, LE, Lady of Victory Law, Glory, Stength, War, Evil. Two Bladed Sword
Seriel, NE, Lady of Plague Death, Evil, Magic, Water, Earth Sythe
Alaldon, NE, God of Nightmares Dream, Time, Lust, Murder, Evil. Whip
Danerdhel, CE, God of Destruction Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War, Weather. Greataxe
Asmodeus, CE, God of Pain Choas, Evil, Torture, Death, Darkness. Spiked Chain

If you would like me to tell you more about a specific god let me know, just note that at the moment I don't really have much to say about most of them.

Also skills will be important and for the time just assume that languages are the same as in pathfinder save for that all listed races will start with common(may also change this fact later).

Just would like to notify all that my internet has been a little bit sketchy with all the rain and storms, so do forgive my lack of posts recently.

Very good. Paraie looks pretty good to Thunir's eyes. Luck, freedom and a bit of chaos in there to keep life from getting dull!

Quick question; if I took Weapon Training as a Talent, and that talent basically grants me the feat Weapon Focus, does that mean I pick a specific item itself, like Weapon Focus (short swords) or do I go the way of Fighters and do Weapon Focus (light weapons?)

Well just looking at the OGC it links directly to the feat Weapon Focus, and not the Fighter class benefit. The description is a little vague though. You choose a 'type' of weapon. Then gets somewhat more specific suggesting Unarmed Strike or Grapple. So. . . ?

I'll wait for the DM to give a proper verdict on the specifics of what Weapon Training would give.

Finally got a good idea of how this guy's gonna be though, will type it up when I get an opportunity, really got a good feeling about this guy's concept, personality and backstory.

Paraie might be a good fit for the cleric I had in mind.

Are any of the deities closely associated with celebrations, revelry, wine/beer etc?

Oooh, Deities!

Well, considering Drysi is a Fey Elf, that Nelaser will be her deity, though, because of faith of the body she inhabits, there is some worship of Mala, Goddess of Nature. Nelaser must really be grinding his teeth. (And it helps with the hint of insanity that is Drysi)

Zeegux will be worshiping Allah.

Tarilye sounds like my kind of deity for my character.

Ok, narrowed his name down to Seth or Silas. Decisions decisions...


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