Within Turmoil, Rampant Growth!

Boiling Swamp Water


Wade Vance, Scion of the Lizardman, de facto leader of the Gator Folk and Game Warden of Stillwater

Lily Malera - Host of the Night Watch, Ex-Police Dispatcher, 'Don't Get Out Much, Do You?'

Character Concept:
Right now I'm thinking about either doing some kind of Kenku-Scion assassin/guardian sent to Stillwater to protect someone, who likely gets killed by Jason. Thus he sticks around looking for a way to hurt the House of Death.

I’m also having thoughts about slapping together some kind of caster, since I don’t see any of those yet. Maybe some kind of shaman or classic witch.

EDIT: Actually, I think I am going to run with the witch. Focused on Thaumaturgy, using her insight, wits, potions, and items to survive in battle. But, if you give her a minute, she will do something nasty to you, involving your small intestine and a row of buckets. She doesn't want to get involved in the politics, but doesn't like seeing her neighors get eaten either. She might also have a pet robin, not sure why yet.

Here is a little on the character I am thinking about playing as. I'll put more detail into it, if I'm picked.

Part of me wants to go with the threat: Death rides a pale Mustang (as in the car) but since the reaper isn't my creation I just can't

Not completely satisfied with this threat so I may revise or add another

Character Concept:

Bernard McCarty, Scion of House Raith

Alright here is my character application along with NPCs and a theme with threat. Work in progress and comments welcome.

Name: Bernard McCarty, Scion of House Raith
High Concept:Martial arts movie stuntman inccubus, occasionally also a hero
Trouble:Can't see people in trouble and do nothing
Age: 36

Placeholder / WIP

Theme: Verity Park is Switzerland
With so many Courts of Faerie about, there has to be a meeting place where negotiations with one court or another can be accomplished, without the opposing court interfering. Verity Park is such a place.

The Bird Lady
Mirabelle Raven-wing is an old Cherokee woman that is commonly seen in Verity Park. Most people have written her off as a harmless bag-lady that loves birds. In reality, she is a descendant of Raven the Trickster. She serves as an intermediary between the Courts, and there are few who know her true nature that are willing to cross her.

Threat: Old Gods Want Freedom
The original reason the four Courts (two High, two Low) are present here in Stillwater is because a millenium ago, two ancient Lords of two of the Houses, one of Chaos and the other of Order, were being worshipped as gods. They bound to the earth by the local Native American tribes, assisted by the Fae Courts. Over the centuries, the bonds have weakened, enough to allow the imprisoned Lords to influence mortals.

Spring-Heel Jack
This is not the original Spring-Heel Jack, but a descendant who heard the voice of the Chaos Lord and submitted to the Great One's will. He causes havoc around Stillwater, and his crimes have always (thus far) been attributed to gangs and random violence, since they have no pattern whatsoever.

Greg Reavan
Greg Reavan runs a funeral home in Stillwater, and has been ritualistically consecrating some of the corpses to his master, the Lord of Order, for several decades. He is a genial enough person when given proper respect, but make no mistake: He is cruel and heartless, and will not hesitate to kill someone that gets in his way.

Character Concept: Scion of Sekhmet, Private Eye
Brief Description: David Asad is descended from the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet. He is tall and strong, and won't hesitate to pull the innocent out of trouble.

[WIP] changing my character concept

The Grapevine A secret system of communications once used by slaves to pass along information has been adapted to serve the clued-in community. Symbols scrawled in key locations, dead drops, and codes are used to transmit information without bringing too much to light.


The Neighborhood Watch Like its more mundane counterpart, the Neighborhood Watch is made up of clued-in mortals and supernatural folk alike who keep an eye out for supernatural events around town. Similar to Dresden's Paranet, but more localized.

PC Clued-in Cabbie

I am not certain I am applying yet as I have several other games in the works, but feel free to use these if you like them.

Theme: Gone, but not forgotten. For many years the Shepard Naval base was the life blood of the city. It provided jobs and security for many of the local towns people. In many ways it helped develop the spirit of patriotism that is still found, especially among the older residents. This spirit has lead several residence to resist some of the un-American things that have been going on recently. It has also caused some rifts between the old guard and the interlopers that have sent things 'to hell' in their fine city.

Threat: Them fancy soldiers Blackwell Security was awarded the contract to protect the Naval Base after it was shutdown. This paramilitary organization apparently sprung up over night. Curious citizens have found minimal information on the group, which apparently has no other know contracts. The soldiers are heavily armed and armed, remain almost constantly on the base, but when they enter the town, they speak little and do not mix with the residents of Stillwater. Several people have made the comment that the soldiers appear to wear sunglasses, even at night.

NPCs: Colonel Augustus Merriweather While no one has been actually been able to verify that Augustus Merriweather was ever in the military, much less a colonel, his men treat him as such. A hard as nails military type, many see it as strange that such a person would be put in charge of a bunch of 'empty' buildings. During the day he has actually been spotted personally drilling his men. While some find it strange, the sense of patriotism the base inspired has kept questions to a minimum.

Corporal Elizabeth Chaney Merriweather's attache has the apparent responsibility for liaising with the town. She makes several trips a week into town. She seems bright and friendly to all she meets. She seems more like a secretary than a military officer. Yet, people that work closely with her can't help but come away with a feeling that she is a bit more cheerful than a normal person has a right to be. They also find it impossible to take advantage of her. What she needs she gets and nobody can really understand why.



added faces with my themes and threats. Fixed Yifei's picture for ease.


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