Play by Posts 101

Play by Posts 101

Alright, I have not played on one of these forums in some time, about 2 years, so I will be playing around with stuff and posting as I remember. You might see some posts that do not make sense. That is because I am probably testing stuff out, and it will be edited shortly.

DO NOT double post. There is an edit tab. Use it. Usually it is good to use an indicated edit section like this, or use the weird text with the line through it strike out text so that people will know that it is an edit.

Use the OOC, or out of character thread when needed. Try not to post out of character in the game forums. All of these options are available in the top tool bar in the "advanced" mode. Soon you will perform the tag operations without the aids of this tool bar making posts a little faster, but until then just notice how they work when you use the buttons.

Dice Rolls and Role-play:
When making dice rolls try to incorporate it within your description of what your character is doing.

ExampleFeeling threatened by the attitudes of the two thugs, and the fact that they already had weapons at the ready, William un-expectedly
Dice Roll: 1d12 1d8 1d6
d12 Results: 2
d8 Results: 4
d6 Results: 5
slashes at the nearest man.

Character Speech:
Each character will select their color of speech. This is used whenever your character speaks, so when quotes are used. You can choose your color when your character speaks first. First one to post a quote in that color gets that color.

ExampleWilliam admires his victims' blood that now runs down the length of his sword and steadily drips from the tip that is lazily pointed towards the ground. "They shouldn't have been so creepy," he dully says to the group, still watching the blood drip from his sword and pool upon the stone floor a few inches beneath it.

Edit #2
If you would like to see the tags that I have used then you can hit the "quote" option at the bottom right corner of this post, and it will place all of the text with the tags displayed.

A Note on "Acing"In the Savage Worlds system, dice can "Ace", meaning that, if you get the highest roll on a die type (like a 6 on a d6), you get to roll the die again and add the two numbers together. Dice can ace an infinite number of times. Fortunately for you, this forum makes it really easy! When you do your regular dice roll, include an "e" after the die type. So if you're going to roll a single d6, you would write it in the field "1d6e" to show that the die can "explode".
Dice Roll: 1d6e
d6 Results: 4
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: d6e
Original Dice: d6e
Like so.

I didn't get a 6 on my roll, so it didn't explode like it should, but that doesn't invalidate my experiment.

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