Spires of Altdorf-Act II


"I'm glad to hear that you've chosen to take action."

He tries not to show how worried he is about the kind of action that the Grand Theologin has chosen. "War of the churches"? War between citizens of the Empire is something Rudiger would very much like to avoid (if possible).

"I hope we didn't unwittingly offended the Lady with our behavior. "

"... because when I offend people, I like to do it deliberately.", he finishes the sentence in his mind. Her behavior certainly offended him by reminding him of his arrogant half-brother. Arrogant and treacherous, he to be more precise. And what if...

"And I hope she won't be even more offended once she realizes that the money she gives to the church sometimes has to pay for things as unpleasant as this w... disagreement between the churches."

Kelwyn stands from the dinner table and immediately helps the halfling towards the door as the others follow. As Kelwyn entertains all of you with small talk, passing the various artistry and paintings lining the Temple walls, the immaculate keep is enough to send word back to your home as a noteworthy visit. As Kelwyn's words seem to trail off and seem muffled out by your own thoughts, to put it in perspective, you hope that Madoc, Heinz and Kristof fair better off back in Middenheim. Intending to take care of a few loose ends, you Falco and Nulgir were to take the banner and helmet back to the owner to give resolve to the Lady who's missing Husband was lost in recent war. As you arrive at your destination, you notice the Lady who dined with you earlier this evening leave her room and leave from out the corridor. She turns to look at you for the first time with pre implementing glances. A evil eye cast upon the lot of you as Kelwyn shows you to your rooms. The adjoining rooms were clean and barren, devoid everything except a wooden basin with a mirror, a shoddy wooden relic of Sigmar and a bed along with a table. There were four seperate beds. Kelwyn begins to describe the room, " These quarters confine the resident Initiates who are out pilgrimming the lands. Please rest in these rooms for the night. While nothing fancy, I hear the beds are comfortable."

Thorvald grunts in satisfaction.

"It's a bed, an' after travellin' on th'road, that's good enough for me."

"Agreed. It's been a long day so a bed is a bed."

The small man kicks his boots off as he hops into one of the beds.

"So, what is the plan for the morning?"

His question directed at the others. Before they can answer though he jumps up with renewed vigor,

"I'm sorry my friends, my manners escape me. I'm Falco, Falco Silverwind. I was traveling with Nulgir and we split up for a bit but I'm surprised to run into him again. And who might you be?"

"Well nice to meet you. I seem to be a bit out of the know though, what is going on?"

Falco was leaning up against the bed with a genuine interest, he seemed to miss some grave detail over the last few days.

"I'm Rudiger. A soldier serving in the glorious Army of the Empire." he adds, as if his uniform wouldn't make that clear. "I was involved in that incident with the lynch mob as well. And I don't know what's really going on - only that the followers of Ulric in Middenheim, lead by High Deputy Claus Liebnitz, have turned against the Sigmarites. They had a problem with mutants and apparently blame the followers of Sigmar, calling them heretics. And worse."

"Well, they weren't just blowin' smoke about there bein' mutants, 'cause there were. But blamin' the followers of Sigmar for it, now that was a bit much. Then stirring up a lynch mob, arming them with weapons straight from the Church o' Ulric, then aiming them at the Church of Sigmar an' encouragin' them to cut down anyone who gets in the way, well, that was a bit much. They were goin' to kill Nulgir here just for being in the Church, so I, well, diverted 'em a bit. Always found it's hard to hold a bloodthirsty rage when you're laughin', and it seems that the mob felt the same way. The knights what was working for the Church of Ulric didn't like that, but they couldn't do anythin' without dropping the pretense, so I got away with it. An' so did Nulgir."

"Seems like we have an interesting collection of people here. Where you heading next?" Before they could answer though the peppy halfling asks "And is anyone interested in the lady and what she may have in her room down the hall? I feel there is more to her than we know..."

Thorvald scratches his chin.

"Dunno about that. Figure we're kinda guests here, an' where I come from you don't abuse guest-right by poking your nose in. Not sayin' that you can't, o'course, but it's not the sort of thing I'd feel comfortable doin'."


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