Chejop Kejak, The Bronze Faction

Chejop Kejak, The Bronze Faction


1. Your Name:

2. Your Faction:

3. Faction Leader NPC (if any):

4. Today’s Date (real world):

5. Below, rank the following activities for your faction from 0 to 3. An activity with 3 in it is very important to
you this turn and will most likely make progress if not succeed. An activity ranked at 0 will be more or less ignored by your faction for this turn.

__ Recruitment
__ Propaganda
__ Financial/Political Maneuvers
__ Open aggression (raids, sabotage, etc…)

I left these areas somewhat vague. Feel free to elaborate in Section 6.

6. Notes. Please put any notes on your underhanded doings here. Requests, threats, etc. all go here.

7. NPC. Feel free to introduce an NPC important to your faction (note that he does not need to belong to your
faction). I cannot guarantee that I will use him, at least not right away…but I will try. You can, of course, submit
an NPC any time you feel like it, but I like to include these sorts of things on the form.

I'm going to need a little more then a standard form in order to get a better idea on what's going on. Care to lay on some exposition?

Please be aware that that the wyld wave was similar to an earthquake, it came caused destruction and was over. The taint on half of creation is similar to fallout. Also their has been no evidence to link Britannia to the wyld wave. Also for a bit of scale, Britannia is 3/4 the size of the realm. The entire realm that contains Britannia sits outside of fate also it can move. All spies have been unable to scope out any part of the realm without first having met with the King or Queen. They have been met with an seemingly open book, the force of Britannia are composed of largely fair folk, goblins and wyld mutants. The remaining quarter of the forces are dragon kings and enlighten humans. Also their are several exalted serving as trainers and commanders. In fact it seems the entire population have some military training as well as the spy have yet to see an unenlightened human. The actual palace of the King and Queen is a large manse and is surrounded by four other manses and one that is still under construction. The fair folk all gather at a strange buildings around the capital and the spy where not allow in and the fair folk would not allow anyone except the King and Queen into the buildings. Based on your observations and your spies report you would estimate that both the Solar king and the Lunar Queen are both between essence 8 or essence 10 but apparent age is within 200 years. the King and Queen have also made clear they remember the sidereal and their betrayal. But they remain silent about their stance on what they plan to do about it.

Okay, first some notes and then some questions:

1. I assume Kejak took steps to confirm that these were in fact a proper Solar/Lunar pair and not some raksha faking it. I've seen it happen before...
2. Lovely, foolish idealistic exalted with more power then brains and who seem to think that Raksha are in fact people. I can just see it now.
3. Also, the Solar knows what he's doing with the basic organization, using training charms liberally, and possibly upgrade charms that allow him to cascade the effects beyond his immediate tutelage...
4. Somehow has broken essence age cap AND possible age cap... Fun...
5. I wonder how amendable they would be to parley...
6. Eclipsing most of the south in wyld with their magical raksha-infested kingdom, causing instability throughout all of creation... I'm sure the Unconquered Sun would be so proud... Also, this proves it. Usurpation? TOTALLY JUSTIFIED.

1. I'd like numbers on the Exalted forces. How many Celestial? In what portions? Any Terrestrial forces? Kejak should be able to get some fairly accurate numbers here, probably within 10 of the actual numbers for the celestial ones, and at least two significant digits on the Terrestrial...
2. What do I know about the Empress's prison? Do I know the category of effect it is (sorcerous, artifice, charm, wyld doohickey?), do I know what kind of defenses it has (specifically, is the imprisoned empress immune to being shaped into not imprisoned empress via pattern spider touch?), and what kind of security the thing has on it?
3. What castes are we talking about here? I assume the Lunar King has a known favored shape? I assume he also has tattoos? The lack of them would be a rather sizable warning sign.
4. What exactly do you mean the spies has been unable to scope out anything without meeting the King or Queen? Do they just happen to be unable to enter unless they follow some procedure that involves this meeting? Do the King or Queen just happen to be wherever they enter and confront them? I'd like some extra detail here.
5. You mentioned that the maidens are furious. Are they helping to weave fate personally now? Kejak would like to take this opportunity to submit some custom charm ideas to them, such as a chaos-repelling pattern-type craft charm that allows Sidereals to weave fate in their personal area (making it count as creation and in-fate), and to be capable of using craft (fate) to do so in wider areas (With higher-essence repurchases to expand the areas further)? If managed properly, it would be a huge benefit in stabilizing the Loom by providing crucial assistance to the pattern spiders. Also, a repurchase of Somebody Else's Destiny that allows it's effects to be applied to crippling and shaping effects. Also, a few others to be determined when relevant to the plot.
6. Finally, What does Kejak know about these Nocturnal blokes? I'm not reading that supplement, so what do I know?

EDIT: 7. Also, what is the fate status of the Kingdom? Have they rigged up a psudeo-loom that substitutes? Or what? Mortals not being inside some kind of fate does NOT end well for them.

1) I'll have to get back to you on actual accurate numbers. out of the exalted within the military it is mostly lunars with a comparably smaller amount being solars. as far as terrestrial exalted there are a few known exiles that have been seen meeting with the king but none have been spotted wearing the mark of citizenship.
2) none of your spies have been able to get near enough to the prison to give a decent report.
3) (note that I mixed up the exalt type in my setting) the king is a eclipse caste solar, the queen has tattoos but her caste remains unknown, she has maintained a human form so far. The king also carries the giant mutation, and has been seen using sorcery to reduce his size when it became a burden.
4) there seems to be many magical properties built into the land of the realm itself and one of them seems to be that no matter where you intent to travel you end up at the palace with the king and queen knowing of your entrance to the realm.
5) the maidens are helping with the loom yes, but with little success. the wyld wave affect the loom directly, coating all of threads affect by the wave with wyld energies making them extremely stubborn to manipulate but they have been self repairing and have not required maintenance from the pattern spiders since being affected. the maidens have been working on removing the wyld taint on the threads, they have been able to temporarily suppress the taint but it has require immense personal effort on their part. this along with amount of time they have spent away from the games of divinity has left them in a extremely bad mood. they have long since stopped taking all but the most urgent visits and are in no mood for extra work. they have filed away his ideas but have not done any work on them, repeated inquiries have and will earn the maidens ire.
6) nothing he knows nothing about them. in fact it made a point that even the madiens have a hard time remembering details about the nocturnals but order their deaths as discreately and quickly as possible.
7) yes the kingdom has a pseudo- loom like set up as well as a closed reincarnation loop, anyone who dies within the realm is guaranteed to reincarnate within the realm.

8) Britannia has sent emissaries to all the major cities in the southern half of creation, excluding the Realm. as well as one to the Bull of the North. The King has also made a formal annocement that his kingdom did not cause the wyld wave.( annocement will be made shortly after the begin of the game.) also you should note that the fair folk within Britannia do not feed on human dreams, but what they are feeding on has remained under wraps.

Hm, more notes and questions:

1. If I had to guess, Britannia is sufficiently wyld that the fair folk do not NEED to feed directly on dreams, and they're oath-bound not to, or possibly a daisy chain of heart grace ownership...
2. The wyld-quake, did it make everything in the south a bordermarch?
3. Hm, they clearly didn't even look at the charm ideas, as one of them is directly relevant to solving the problem...
4. Maybe if you rig the sword of creation to tie more closely to the elemental pole of earth and have it reverberate the essence of stability throughout the Omphalos's fate and everything touching it (everything touches the fate of the Omphalos as everything in Creation can see it), maybe it'll shake off the wyld energy...
5. Closed reincarnation cycle means Shinmaic Calibration (should of seen it earlier), and it's likely through that they've set up their psudeo-loom... Kejak gets some flunkies to research the First Age dissertations on the charm to map what it does to things Britannia is seen to do, and collate everything and send it to Kejak for personal research after they hit a wall so he can auspicious success the occult or lore roll. He's bound to be able to access copies of it.
6. Discreet killing of Nocturnals huh... Interesting.

1. Wait, I thought the Empress's prison was on display. There's no way the King and Queen have a good enough vigil on it for the level of competence required to get some kind of info on it. When and how was it revealed? Kejak could get a decent assessment just by looking at it himself. What is the visibility of the Kingdom from outside of it? A solar on top of the Imperial Mountain with those far-seeing awareness charms could see the prison right?
2. So the wyld energy makes the fates it touches self-sustaining? that sounds less like wyld power (too stable) and more like a fate overlay interface from their psudeo-loom. He issues a directive to locate a connection to their psudeo-loom so that we can reverse the peversion of Autocthon's great work. It is likely the pattern spiders who would be doing the bulk of the searching, but he assigns a subordinate master of charcoal march of spiders to direct the search. One with good Craft(Fate).
3. In case I'm wrong on 2, besides the disastrous effects this has on our destinies and general fate errors, what happens to the individuals and objects that get contaminated? Are they mostly fine? Do they get mutations and crap? Do they die because suddenly their tea decides to instead be lava? (Which is the kind of shit that happens to mortals who aren't on some kind of fate)
4. What do you think I have been using as spies anyway? Just checking.
5. What have the Deathlords been doing anyway? I'm sure the Green Lady has their general feelings on Britannia reported by now.
6. Out of curiosity, what was your thought processes when designing this campaign setting? My guess is 'hmmm, what stops a solar and lunar pair from doing these shenanigans in the wyld, coming back after a year, and cleaning house? ...A solar/lunar pair coming back from doing that would be a pretty sweet campaign concept...'
7. I'm sure Kejak has been obsessively keeping track of his age, how long do I got until 5,000?

1) It was on display briefly but the King and Queen are not idiots. They moved the prison inside the Palace where it has been guarded by troops and celestial circle sorcery as well as visits by the Monarchs. On the time scale in which they displayed the prison assuming Kejak dropped everything, as soon as he heard about it, and moved as fast as possible to creation to get a look. He may have been able to chance a 3 min look at the prison. In which it seemed to be a strange fusion of sorcery, artifact and wyld energies. He was also able to tell that the empress was alive and aware of her surroundings.
2) The search for any connection is on going. ( this will use up some of your action points of your evil overlord)
3) Besides the initial mutations of the population, the wyld energies are messing with the realm of possibilities. Impossible things randomly happen. Nothing very dangerous as of yet. Of the initial mutation only one in twenty where negative mutations, in fact the majority of the mutations included enlightenment and longer life spans. This is an area that you would have to sent a research team to collect data on to get more comprehensive data on.[this type of action will also cost overlord action points ]
4)Because you have not specified i have mostly assumed you send the mid level disposable spies, aka the most competent spies that you could reasonably get away with losing. (You can send higher level spies but seeing as you have little intel on what if any effects Britannia's realm has on those who enter it, I did not assume you sent in the best.) hint hint. [this type of action will also cost overlord action points ]
5) actual I'm still working on that with my other overlords.
6)yeah something along those lines. Solar/lunar pair retreats to the wyld to train and raise any army to retake creation and bring back the Glory of the first age, in their image of course. A Major event opens an opportunity to move earlier than planned, they take it. The rest of the story will come from the conflict of the chain of events following this and how the PC react and the part they play in it. This is partly why I want evil overlords to help give creation and the story a more organic feel. ( and helps point out gaps in the story I had not considered.)
7) I rolled some dice and they give him 11 months to either find a gem of immortality or name the next head of the bronze faction.

1) getting warmer. Xb
2)Nope it tainted the land. Which essentially just adds impossibility to the laws of creation.
3) yup they are in bitch mode.
4)it's a possibility if you could find a way to get back into the imperial manse without the empress. That or it might reverberate the wyld energies along the Omphalos's fate contaminating everything.
5)correct. and as with question 2 this will be ongoing and will also cost overlord action points.
6) Kejak would be aware of these hunts but the maidens would not speak on the topic. Seems to be a source of shame, accomplishment and secrecy.

my notes to you.
areas you should look into
1) the manses in Britannia and what kind of armaments does its armies have.
2) how much do you let your sidereal underlings know about the state of the loom and how much info on Britannia is public among sidereals.
3) what are other nations doing in response to Britannia?

most overlord actions cost 1 overlord point. you currently have 4 left for this turn. Due to your large sphere of influence, your faction has about 12 points a turn.

Okay, here's my actions, assuming all that stuff from before ate up my first 8 points.

1. Issue orders to bureau divinities to collate an ongoing series of reports on the diplomatic situation vis a vis Britannia and every organization they contact. No Sidereals will be necessary for this, but it will require significant amounts of legwork for the spirits tasked for this. It is likely that the reports will come from the gods of the very organizations contacted and passed up the Ivy Vine.
2. Contact Ayasha Ura, because even Kejak knows that Britannia's sovereigns are exactly the wrong kind of celestials that she wants in charge. Offer essentially a truce, changing Bronze faction Policy to utilization of the returning Solars, instead of organizing Wyld Hunts (See: send the solars on productive suicide missions until they croak, then repeat.). In addition, manipulate the Immaculate Order to put a hold on all wyld hunts until further notice. Kejak assumes this will be interpreted as 'prepare for full-fledged war for the empress', but that will take a while to come to fruition.
3. Make it clear to all Sidereals that the Loom is in big trouble, it is being worked on, and that Britannia is not helping matters at all, assuming it isn't directly responsible. (I assume this doesn't require enough effort to use up a point)
4. Begin the process of preparing Anys Syn to the leadership position, but also work to get a hold of that gem of immortality. Sure, Saturn will kill him herself if he manages to avoid the natural death, but she might be too busy to notice, so he might be able to squeeze a few months extra before he ends up dead.
5. Send messages to Luna and the Unconquered Sun, alerting them that a particularly potent wyld storm has disrupted the south, and that the Silver Chair's wyld-taming and the Daystar's Wyld-searing armaments may be required in the near future, and asking for their opinions on suitable champions to wield the weapons when the time comes. (Luna would likely just split off an aspect for it, but Conky would probably send whatever Zenith has pleased him the most lately)

5)I'm gonna say you can't accomplish that without spending like 5 points. They rarely look up from the games and they can get pretty angry if disturbed. You can try it for one point but I'll roll for if they smite you for annoying them and if they listen.
3) just announcing the state of the loom goes well and does not exicte panic. ( but claiming Britannia is not helping counts as propaganda and costs a point to spread.) the reason is that due to the nature of the realms creation, from a solar charm, the realm of Britannia is not affecting the stability of creation in a negative way
4) the search for the gem turns up nothing so far and Saturn has raised an ebrow at the news of your search and some have swear that she even smiled a little. Preparation begins and goes according to schedule. What are you planning for your funeral? Your burial is important in case you become a ghost instead of going to Lethe.
1) you have received reports of Britannian emmisaries talking trade with Paragon and Gem and Chiaroscuro as well as rumors of request for the prefect to meet with the king and Queen. They have sent emmisaries to all major countries and the Guild.
Your next turn will begin tommorow night late.


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