7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

The key Liame had from Varrg fits the lock, but the pattern on the hand sized key obviously does not fit the locks.

While the hexblade is trying his luck, the bored monk looks around the room and discovers a well concealed door behind some furs in the west wall which leads back into the dormitories.

Giddis sneaks out the passage and searches the body of the female giant Morzul for a key.

Around the giantesses' neck, Giddis finds a very thick gold chain with two keys which Gidds could use as weapons, they were almost the size of shortswords, though they ended in a key and not a blade.


"Hey, guys. This key's the right size, but it won't turn the lock. Keep your eyes open for--oh." Liame sees Giddis produce a pair of keys from the nursemaid's corpse.

Giddis grinned as he stood on the corpse and tossed the keys to Liame, they fell far short, but they were fairly massive. He then approached the young giants and drew his dagger. "I really don't appreciate having to do this, next time finish it."

Whilst the others relaxed their muscles out after the battle or surveyed the destruction Jinn focussed on shutting off the fount of energy within herself. Like usual, her muscles tingled with leftover sparks, full of energy. Her mind however was beginning to feel the strain of trying to direct the streams she channelled, aptly demonstrated by her brief loss of control in the middle of the battle. The disruption to her sleeping patterns hadn't helped either, although the physical rejuvenation provided by the elements had abolished any signs of her fatigue.

Turning the Neithardt, sitting on the bed near her, Jinn said "Well, there you have the unpredictable side of it you were asking about I guess - wasn't too much danger. You've just got to be willing to take a gamble. You roll some dice every day anyhow."

She plonked herself down opposite him whilst the others explored the rooms, and her eyes drifted to the slightly smaller corpses that had been scattered by their initial assault. She had tried to hold back once she had seen how quickly they fell, but by the time she had found that out most had already been extinguished. As Giddis drew his dagger and approached them however she shot up. "What do you think you're about to do?" she exclaimed angrily. "No reason you can't tie them up. I think they're in a better position to decide if they'd rather be dead than you are!"

"Are you Mad? Tie up young giants and leave them in a den of death? To do what clean up?! Even if they manage to survive they will want nothing but revenge. This is Mercy.." He shot back right before
Coup de grace
stabbing lightning into one of the unconscious forms. He had stood by helpless as Jinn and Union decided the fate of the kidnapped mother, not this time. This time they couldn't hold such judgement out of his reach, no good could come out of letting the young giants live, they needed to be put down.

"By the hells, you little homicidal half-wit!" Lakkariel exclaims, rushing over to grasp Giddis' hand before he can plunge the dagger into one of the unconscious bodies. "The damn kids are helpless! You wanna kill 'em? Then at least wait until it's a fair fight and you can look them in the eye. Or the shins, in your case."

Releasing the tiny hand from his own, Lakkariel steps back, positioning himself between Giddis and the young giants.

"They're probably far from innocent, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be put down like rabid dogs."

Giddis floated back, landing on his feet gracefully as Lakkariel yanked him by the arm and made posture between the halfling and the giants. The windwalker's response was cold and somewhat barbarous, but only at the end did it become venomous. "Yes it does, they are monsters. The same type that's been brutally murdering the townsfolk. I don't have any illusions that killing them is a good thing, its just a necessary one. There bodies are strewn around the room and now you want to spare one because why? its not a fair fight? Piss off... best to put it out of its misery while its unconscious then wake it up to do so. Now get out of my way."

"Monsters? You mean like those dire wolf pups we just left? Didn't see you killing them."

Bending over, Lakkariel lowered his face to Giddis' level so that he could look the little man in the eye.

"Point is, you don't get to unilaterally decide who to execute. If everyone else agrees with you, I'll step aside. Until then, how about you piss off?"


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