7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

After taking a few minutes Giddis stretched and rose to his feet with a yawn. This was going to be a looooonnng day. He sauntered out into the other room and found nobody really doing a whole lot of anything, still he wasn't in the mood for company so he decided to
Dice Roll: 1d20+15z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 27)
search (27) through the other rooms to see what he could find.

Room 3C
Gidds goes into the southeastern room, he can't remember any giants coming out of here, and indeed there is only the one giant sized bed in the room and it is covered in fur, neatly made. There is a cord of wood stacked against the southern wall and another giant sized chest on the western wall. Gidds tries the chest, but it is locked.

He moves onto the next
Room 3B - South
room, stepping over giant corpses, some still smoking. There are two large satchels by the avalanchers corpses. There are two small (for a giant) satchels hanging over two of the beds, they have all been recently slept in.

Moving into the last
Room 3B - West
room, once again all four beds have been slept in and there are four satchels hanging from hooks above the beds.

The halfling lugs out sack after sack, dumping them on a bed and kicking the useless bits onto the floor. Once complete he gathers the corners of the fur sheets and ties it together before stuffing it into his sack of holding.

"We can divide this stuff when the job's done.” he said while jumping up and down on the loot to force it into the sack. He looked around the room, most everyone was fairly glum. “There! All packed, come on now. They were bloody monsters! And there’s lots more to do yet, if you came here for peace and pancakes then you should go through that door, ask then wait for it. I bet you’ll be flattened into more pieces than you can count.

These giants were the same type that would throw people into the air to see which makes the best splat or tie them to trees for target practice. Look around! This room was every day for those townfolks and we’re here to stop it. If that’s not why you’re here, you can leave the way we came in. If you're not leavin then put on your big girl panties and lets go finish what we started.”
He ended pointing towards the doors and then made his way towards them.

I assume Neithardt would have had time to don the new armour while giddies was gathering satchels

A determined and inspirational??? Giddis rouses everyone from their short
All Encounter powers reset
rest. Neithardt puts his old armour in a bag and looks quite the dandy in his bronze thimble studded black worked leather armour, with high collar and whirled engraved sleeves.

Liame and Fina finish putting the other loot in bags and drag it out to the main
It would appear that you only have one Bag of Holding between the whole group ?? Or did I miss someone else having one ???

"I would agree with Giddis once more...It would behoove us to assault the giants in that remaining room while they remain yet unaware of our presence."

His mood significantly improved since having acquired a new set of leather armor, Neithardt actually had the audacity to take the front this time (though perhaps it was for show, for right now the going was still safe), and paced cautiously up to one of the heavy doors in the northeast.

"We might be able to surprise them if we slam open the door and attack immediately. Shall we breach now?"

((Refer to this post for the big map. Neithardt is at the door between the 3B rooms to the bottom right.))

Remember the paycheck. That was Lakkariel's mantra as he ground his teeth and thought bad, bad thoughts about rude, offensive little halflings. And as professional as the genasi was, he was thanking whatever gods were listening that there was at least one more room of giants for him to take his aggression out on.

"How about we actually look before we leap this time, genius? Crack the door a bit and have a peek at what's waiting for us."


"Or check for a way that's not as obvious as the door--although they didn't seem to notice it open earlier. Still, crawling through the ceiling or popping out of a closet is much safer, if it can be called safe at all to jump among hostile brutes like these giants."

He gestured at Giddis. "Did I see you poking at the walls earlier? Find anything interesting? Did the brats make any brat-holes for playing hooky after curfew?"

"Nothing at all useful for that sort of thing, but really if they didn't notice the noise in here earlier, we should catch them by surprise. We could take a peek first though" Giddis walks over to southern most door and opens it a crack to take a look-see.

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