7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

The halfling throws all of weight into opening the door a crack and peeks into a large covered entrance hall. The large 5foot diameter horizontal logs which are the outside walls of the Steadign can be seen as well as double gates like those leading out of the courtyard of Varrg's house can be seen to the East.

A large amount of snoring can be heard, and you can see a mix of ogres and giants to the south and west. Large kegs of what looks to be dwarven ale and empty cups strewn all about.. Stairs to what must be the watch tower are in the far western corner as well as another set of large internal double doors, these a lot fancier then any others you have seen lay to the west on the northern wall. Lit torches are in staunches about every 20 feet lighting this area up very well, though you'd imagine the heavy eyelids of the giants and ogres are not concerned with the light.

At the talk of dressing up in cloaks and moving onwards Jinn pulled herself upright on the bed and swung her legs over the side. She felt a little bit refreshed mentally after her cat-nap at least. The thought of Giddis balancing precariously on another's shoulders to reach 7 foot brought a smile to her face again - she wasn't one to dwell too much on the past, and what was done was indeed irrevocably so. Not that she wasn't still upset with the halfling's apparently just ignoring her on the whole issue but the did still have a job to do. Besides, if he fell over in a heap of cloth it would be hilarious and she didn't want to miss that.

As Neithardt counselled against Giddis and Liame's plan however she pulled a face, it looked like she might not get to see a giant cloak wobble forward with many an argument issuing from its chest after all. The outcome she was hoping for would undeniably be bad for their general surprise admittedly, unless the giants were stunned with laughter, so the eladrin probably had a point.

"Doesn't bother me which lot we take first,"
whispered Jinn as Giddis cracked open the other door. "If these slept through the last battle then they'll probably sleep through the next, and if the others didn't hear it over their rough-housing theres no indication that'll change. I guess it makes most sense to go for the smallest group next, lest one of them tried to make a break for the door as well." After a particularly loud snore she added "And it looks like we'd have the element of surprise here."

The element of surprise was enough to sell Giddis, though he hoped nobody would mind them attacking sleeping giants. He looked to the stairs and then suddenly remembered something. "I'm not sure this is a good idea. If I remember right the watch tower is near here and we could raise an alarm. Though I'm not really sure what type of alarm that may be, it could just be a blown horn or something... we best make sure to get in position and take them out fast." The Halfling whispered back.

With no reaction from anyone outside forthcoming as Giddis cracks the door, Lakkariel walks over to peer out over top of the halfling. Eye twitching slightly as the suggestion of killing sleeping foes once again comes up, he grits his teeth and jabs a finger towards the distant stairs leading up to the watchtower.

"Then why don't we take out the tower first? We've got the luxury of picking and choosing, so how about we go with what poses the biggest threat to us right now? These drunks won't be going anywhere, but if anyone in that tower hears anything, we'll have every conscious giant in the area coming down on top of us."

"Is there any way to lure them out of the watchtower without having them set off the alarm? We can't just attack them up there, since (if they have any sense) they'll immediately do the very thing we're trying to avoid."

Giddis' grin widened. "Well maybe there's a use for these cloaks afterall. Sneak up partway and they won't guess your height. They won't sound the alarm for a youngster but they may follow one."

"I like the sound of that," said Jinn, happy that a chance of seeing Liame and Giddis performing their slapstick doubleact resurface. "Have to be careful balancing up those stairs though, and we'll have to make sure we've got a way of getting them all to follow, rather than just one..."

"As much as I want to see you fall of Liame's shoulders it might be better to explore the other rooms first, and just make sure that there aren't any giants concious to answer the alarm, since apparently no more giants is the intention for some of us."

Giddis very nearly pouts, but Jinn was right. These fellas weren't going anywhere soon, best to check the other rooms first. "So I'll give it a scout, be right back."

The Halfling
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 23)
hopped between the sleeping giants heading towards the doors. He decided it best to check the smaller one's first... well decided as in he couldn't budge the other doors without making a racket so thought it better to move on.

There are the BIG doors to the East (and you can see the walls around which are the same as the exterior walls ... and a great big two ton beam across it -- so it's most likely the door to outside.

The next door south of you is very ornate, wood carved by someone who is a mastercraftsmen (or women).

The furthest door is very similar to the one you have your head sticking out of ...

So the only door Gidds can easily open is the furthest door to the South.


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