7. Ding Dong the (Giant) Witch is dead ...

Gidds, moving on feathered feet makes it to the far end of the entry hall and quietly opens one of the double doors, the lights from the Entry Hall lighting the room for him to see by.

Another door... Giddis wasn't sure what he should do. Fortunately he didn't really care what he should do, so he stepped on forward and peeked in through the next set of doors.

The corridors are well lit with torches in sconces on the walls about every 30 feet.

More corridors, Giddis wanted to go further, no needed to go further... but his better sense (what little there was) held him back. If he had to flee he'd have to lead them right into a group of sleeping giants, and then things would get messy. So instead he tip-toed back and reported his findings.

"Its probably best we go inside and clear it out that way. Too many doors down there that we don't know what's behind. And I don't like leaving enemies behind me. So I say we backtrack and head through the door from the last room we fought in."

"Agreed. When storming a complex, one should always methodically secure each room along the way and pick off the easy and isolated targets first."

Nodding Giddis goes back to the room where the damper on everyone started. He opened, or at least did his best to open the large door next to the matron's body. Hoping to take a look before any alarms were sounded.

This is back into the room with the kiddies and opening the door Morzul tried to escape through

"Sure, why not. Not like there's a whole lot of difference to which way we decide to go."

Heading back with the others, he runs a finger lightly across the crown that tops his head. Waiting for them to get a satisfactory look at what awaits them in the room beyond, Lakkariel closes his eyes and concentrates, listening for the soothing rhythm of his twin's heartbeat.

Great doors open into a vast, smoky hall. Six log pillars and a web of blackened rafters support the ceiling, which reaches its apex 30 feet above. A great fire pit dominates the hall. Roasting over the pit is an ox, two sheep, and four pigs impaled on spits. Behind the fire pit stands a long trestle table cluttered with haunches of meat, chunks of cheese, bread, and clay mugs. Around the table are five chairs, three against the back wall and one on each end. The middle chair is larger than the others and covered with furs.

Empty barrels, crates, and chests litter the hall, their contents plundered from caravans and villages. The hall is filled with noise and rank odors. Hill giants laugh, shout, wrestle, and joke with one another. Presiding over the chaotic din is a monstrously fat hill giant, who appears half-asleep in his thronelike chair. At one end of the table, a stone giant picks at a plate of food. Under the table sleeps the biggest bear you’ve ever seen.

Giddis explains the scene, clearly emphasising that entry would be madness. “So... how you want to go about this? Lure 'em in, Jump 'em, or go 'round. I'm fine taking the lead, but not if you're going to hold it against me later.”


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