Just some random questions, do you by chance have faith and patheons for frogotten realms? That has some of the most flavor rich PRC's you can find.

Don't have it on hand, but might go looking. Bear in mind I've only got two deities for the setting currently. What might you be looking for?

Windwalker works. The other three don't quite play in the way I'd hope - Heartwarder is interesting, but isn't quite the image I'd had in mind for the Firebird - less a sensualist, more of a maiden goddess. Elemental Archon is far too flashy, although it might be useful for a villain (blame him!) Silver Star muddies the waters; rangers shapechange naturally in this setting, and I wasn't intending to use lycanthropes at all just to avoid confusion. The whole sourcebook looks neat, though, I'll read through the PrCs and see if there are other possibles.

I'll put up the old kozak Dmitrij by the end of the week.

For gold, I plan on being a highborn. You've stated we get 7,000 starting gold. Is including everything from the wealth feature? IE the masterwork weapon + the CHA bonus?


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