On the Domovoi:

Domovoi tend to live in large, extended families; brother, uncles, and cousins all cram under the same roof. The distant ancestors of the domovoi lived underground, and even today domovoi tend to "warren" instead of spread out. The domovoi quarter of Moska is smaller than it actually has to be simply for this reason; domovoi prefer to be tightly packed in. Out in the countryside a domovoi "village" will often be a huge, rambling farmhouse with multiple additions instead of a village proper.

Domovoi men go grey very early; an adult will be mostly grey by full adulthood. Domovoi men are very proud of long beards, and do not shave (although they do trim and sculpt to keep things for getting out of hand). Snow white beards are a mark of adulthood and virility, dying a beard white to correct natural flaws is common. Domovoi women don't go grey as rapidly as men do, but often have witch locks in their elaborately braided hair. Domovoi tend to have multiple children; a family size of around 5-6 to the norm.

Domovoi are not tinkers by nature; they study science and mathematics to understand the nature of the Divine, not to make gadgets. (There is a raging debate in the domovoi community over whether the universe is a fundamentally moral place). Perhaps due to their natural restraint, the few devices the domovoi have invented are fairly simple, practical, and widely in use across the Akradia. The samovar is a domovoi creation; so is the porcelain stove with a built-in seat. The sauna might well have been a domovoi creation in ancient history, but has been used so often by so many races for so long that it can't be labelled a "domovoi" craft.

Bearhounds have the carrying capacity of a riding pony.

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