one more word on equipment: Pantsir is not a chainmail that is augmented, but an actual scale mail, available from the 13th / 14th century in Russia:

So, assuming we properly tart up the description, is a Cloak of Comfort (CMage) kosher? It's a cloak of resistance with a permanent endure elements tacked on. It costs 3k gp for the version with a +1 bonus to saves.

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true but does he need an all seeing assistant :P
Like a Rasputin to Emperor Nicholas?

@Baron: That's a sizable chunk of change out of your allowance. And Fort saves for one character aren't a concern (there are lots of other aspects besides the Fort saves to the environment). No objections, but tell me where this cloak came form and why it's important. Every magic item is an artifact; I don't need paragraphs, but I want some explanations.

@Narmoth: Heh. My SCA experience, such as it is, tells me there were some organic layers under both those that decayed. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a chain skirt there, and a gambeson, and probably some leather too. The being said, I'm dead certain your knowledge of Russian history surpasses my own. Be kind and I'll do my best for you.

@canuhearmenow: Arkadians only. Hard rule. No exceptions. I'm going to be working hard to establish this culture, establishing a second isn't on my agenda. There are nations outside of Arkadia - from the East we have Goea, an island nation of explorers and crusaders, and the distant Evercoiling Empire... but those are for another day.

No, sorry. But look at the Ursa racial choice, I think you'll like it. Also note that this game has a lot of courtly intrigue; illiterate barbarians will suffer. Think "bezerker", not barbarian, and we can do fine.

@jerubbal: Look closely at the ad; all the wiki links are there. I'll recompile them in the forum to put everything in one place if that would help.


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