Well he is probably going to be a paladin of the Grey Wolf, so likely Law or Winter, as War would be....redundant to a paladin.

In many cases, the domain power does not really augment casting power; but it is just a thought.
I tried to separate them from the straight fighter a little more is all.

Hmm. Do you have access to Complete Champion? Domain feats are more interesting that domain powers by a big stretch.

Originally Posted by Irving View Post
@tbonejc: Bards are fine, and their current spell list is fine too. The class is unchanged, go have fun.
On that note would it be possible to be a small sized human? Practically gnomish but human. For role playing sake it'll belike a comedic act for his audience. In combat I was thinking of doing multiclass with warblade or crusader so he would have the song of the white raven feat and the Stonefoot Stance. Thoughts?

Oh, I never thought of that. In my game, where I introduced this variant paladin, only the base books were allowed at the start.

That might work even better.

The smite where it can cause a 'massive damage' effect might come to be rather over potent in the long run; but then I don't know what all you have in mind.

Actually, how would the smite FORT save work for undead? They do not have FORT saves really, making them immune?

On another note Winter's Champion in Frostburn looks quite tasty for a Paladin of the Grey Wolf.

They have no Con score, but they have Fort saves. Which actually gimps them terribly under this system. Easy problem for me to answer; undead have a threshold of 25+HD.

Winter's Champion is, indeed, quite tasty and recommended.

Originally Posted by Irving View Post
@Narmoth: Heh. My SCA experience, such as it is, tells me there were some organic layers under both those that decayed. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a chain skirt there, and a gambeson, and probably some leather too. The being said, I'm dead certain your knowledge of Russian history surpasses my own. Be kind and I'll do my best for you.
A gambeson (russian Steganka) would be under both of them.
By the way, is my character concept acceptable?
Trying to work up the mechanics to follow. Is there any cannoneer proficiency in this setting?

@Narmoth: Certainly. I like the concept very much. Bear in mind that there are cannons in this setting, but I'm visualizing long stretchs of travel across the steppes as opposed to sieges. Applications of the skill will be limited. I'd recommend Profession (siege engineer) as a way to emulate cannon-cocker experience. Good old fighter classes seem to be gaining in popularity with the apps; start there if you need a suggestion.

I'm leaning more towards swashbuckler actually. I'm trying to make a Don kosak, as they were starting to emerge in that time period, and also a gunner, since that, well started to emerge as well. But he's not carrying it with him of course.

Swashbuckler should work fine. I do have firearms available; I made a point of tilting the playing field slightly in favor of mounted gunnery. Have at it.

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