Team Effects and Stances

Team Effects and Stances

Please toss your Active Stances and effects here in this Thread, so I don't forget them.

Melanie has:

Punishing Stance: (Iron Heart Level 1 Stance.) While you are in this stance, you deal an extra 1D6 points of damage with all melee attacks. You also take a -2 penalty to AC, because this fighting stance emphasizes power over a defensive posture.

And due to Steely Strike, is currently suffering -4 AC.

Geoff is in the child of shadow stance. Gains concealment when he moves 10 feet in a turn.

When his mates come to help with the swordsmen he'll switch to island of blades stance. Allies gain flanking.

Mia is using the Iron Guard's Glare: Enemies she threatens have -4 attacking her allies

Shadow Stance for me also. Gain concealment after moving 10' in a turn.

I'm swapping to Stance of Clairty. +2 AC to a target, -2 AC against all other targets.

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