Stupid DM's ...

No worries. I'm still recovering from Remembrance Day myself. Those big feathered bonnets that you have to wear for formal dress are a literal pain in the neck.

@ PB Think Gidds is waiting on an answer from Liame

Just like to point out that you are not really much of a 7' tall group ... LOL, but go with what you want to try

I guess Giddis will stand on Liame's shoulders, then?


The coats are generally for up to 7', there will be some shorter ones (though none Giddis' size)

I'm waiting on you guys to RP out the "dressing" up ... then letting me know what you want to do / where you want to go

Giddis is being his diplomatic self, I bet him and Lakkariel will be bestest of chums before this is all over.

It's lucky for you that Lakkarial is an understanding, empathetic ... oh ... hang on, he isn't

Yup, the best way to stop you two arguing is to put some giants in the room with you ...


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