Stupid DM's ...

See ... now that is why Neit is a Warlord ... even if he is a reluctant one ... LOL

Nice to see Neit trying to rectify the current agro RZ

I'm just getting Lakki riled up to fight giants, he can pretend each one is a massive superinflated halfling


Anyone else picturing that scene with the Nazgūl at The Prancing Pony?

We could just be really creepy about this scenario everyone hiding under covers and cloaks and open the door to the large giants and wait. Then went they discover the craziness Gidd flies out from Morzul's belly screaming.

Liame's attacks are a consistent source of damage, but don't have many dice; so even with a CdG, I can't inflict enough damage to insta-kill. It's a shame these giants have so many HP.

Soooo... we going outside or to the room of big Giantses? Can we do group CdG, I mean multiple CdG on an opponent simultaneously

To go outside you'd have to go through the "sleeping" giantses room -- or back to Varrg's courtyard ...

Did you read my oopsy post on the tower courtyard being a room ??

Ummm ... errrr ... look, a roof


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