Stupid DM's ...

Maybe RAW could be massaged by readying actions, enabling simultaneous CdG? Or maybe it's all occurring during a surprise round? I'd think that the two could be combined, though, since it would take some of them longer to react from a deep (drunken?) sleep than others.

oh yeah.. you know what I mean. We going south or back in and west.

But Lakkariel's stance on killing sleeping opponents hasn't really changed, so..... yeah. Anyways, before I post anything IC, am I correct in understanding that area 1A has a roof so that the ground can't be seen from the guard tower, which has stairs going to it at the 'bottom' of the area?

I was wondering about that... Don't worry, they'll probably wake up shortly.

@ EP Yup, it's covered by a roof, so you can't see the top of the watchtower ... but you can make out the stairs going up to the tower ...

You have 4 sleeping ogres and 4 sleeping giants ... their sleep seems to not only be a night type thing, but also alcohol induced ...

What about simultaneous Coups de Grace, NGP? Could we encircle a slumbering giant and all strike at the same time? Would that be the sort of thing to wake the others even if it died immediately?

4e rules are that a sleeping opponent doesn't awaken automatically on receiving damage, but they do get a DC save to awaken.

A coup de grace does maximum damage on a hit ...

As for the "other" sleepers, they would get a perception roll (at a negative as they are asleep) vs the noise you make -- the scream of the waking opponent - etc

I'm not sure you can have (and don't think I would) "synchronised" Coup de Grace on a single or multiple opponents (of course if your target doesn't awaken, you would then get an automated max crit damage on your CdG) ...


I'm letting you guys run the story ... let me know / RP your plan -- I'll do the responses (if any) of the big guys

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