Stupid DM's ...

LOL ... it is early in da US of da Americas

Just to clarify, since rereading i can see its ambiguous, what I'm actually suggesting is actually fighting through the other rooms and killing all the giants before moving on to the watchtower so even if they do sound the alarm there isn't anyone to answer, rather than just checking the rooms before going to the watchtower.

Alternatively, perhaps getting them to sound the alarm whilst we're in the watchtower could actually be quite good for us. We could sit up there and shoot the giants one after another as they came up the stairs.

I understood what you meant PC

I figured that, but... not checking any of the three doors... sorry can't happen.

I've been a little bit out of it because I've been sick all week, but I'll probably make a post later tonight. For the record, I agree with PC.

No probs RZ ... I'll be checking every 30 minutes or so for the next few hours, otherwise I'll pick up any posts tomorrow morning

Not much for me to do at the moment either. I do think the initial scouting right now is good though, no matter what we decide to do in the long run, just so we can get a general idea of how everyone's distributed throughout the area.

Sorry peeps, stupidly busy weekend again ...

On the upside, I did have dinner cooked for me by the Hairy Bikers on stage at their show on Saturday night

The Hairy Bikers

Hmmm ... as it turns out, I'm waiting on you peeps anyways

Feel free to plan / scheme / etc

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