Rubble & Rodents

Rubble & Rodents

Richard starts trying to force the secret door open, but an irritated John moves up to lend a hand. The two of them working together are able to force the door opened. As it slides open, they quickly realize that the reason it was stuck is because it was supporting the wall where it shifted. Styg, Vicky and Jared hear a loud crashing sound coming from inside the room. A large section of the wall breaks and comes tumbling down. John ducks and rolls out of the way of the falling stonework, but Richard had put too much force into it and gets caught in the tumbling avalanche of debris. His body becomes
13 Damage; Restrained & Ongoing 5 Damage (Escape DC 22 Ends Both).

Beyond the wall and their pinned ally, John and Guan can see into the room beyond. The room seems mostly intact. There are still two intact beds and a table visible inside the room. Most notable in the room though is the hundreds, perhaps thousands of
rats all swarming together with their oily black fur and glowing red beady eyes. They are not happy about being locked in the room and left to die.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

'That was close...' Realizing that Richard is stuck under the rubble John moves forward and tries to get it off Richard.

Richard shields his head as the ceiling comes crashes down on him. When the dust settles he realises that he's pinned down. He can hear the scampering of lots of tiny feet. "Hey, guys...a little help please!!" Richard strains against the rubble in an attempt to break free.

Styg hears the crash and wonders how he ever got so separated from the rest of the group. Nonetheless he performs a double move action and gets as close to the action as he can for now. If he can see any of the swarms he will curse one of them.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jarad sighs dramatically as he hears the crash and then the squeaking of the rats. He looks from the pack containing the food to where the others are as if weighing up a decision before clambering to his feet.

"I guess going to the rescue chanting I told you so, might not be good as a team building thing, right?"

He moves into the room, the shadows raring up to envelope him as he does so.


Vicky moves as fast as she can towards the trouble, hoping they don't get attacked from behind at the same time. She wonders whether they searched the door before trying to open it. Everyone can do mistakes: The probably didn't intend for it to happen. But if they were careless, she ...

She sighs. There is no use chewing them out about it. They did a mistake, and they'll probably learn from it. If they don't, having her yell at them will not make things any better.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Damn it," ZhuGuan mutters as he hears the walls give way trapping Richard. Red beady points of light can be seen from the newly opened room. John, get him out of there. I'll distract the rats. ZhuGuan Runs past the suffocating Richard, an elaborate display of sweeping wide arcs as he tries scattering rats in the swarm bits of rat gore spray the nearby floor and walls.


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