House Rules

House Rules

To make things easier, I've compiled a list of the house rules here, in addition to wiki links to equipment, arms, and armor specific to the setting.

Weapons of Arkadia

Armor of Arkadia

Equipment of Arkadia

Combat Rules:

Massive Damage Threshold

Armor as Damage Reduction

Note that damage taken is cumulative within one round for the purposes of calculating massive damage. If your threshold is 14 and you've been hit for 5 points of damage three times in one round, you need to make a DC 15 Fort save....and you're hit in the same round again for 1 hp, you need to take another save.

Failing a massive damage check immediately places you at -8 hp.


Highborn class

Alternate ranger class

Wizards select their spells from the druid spell list as opposed to the wizard/sorcerer list. Spells from that list are still arcane in nature; it's just the spells that are different. Remove any divine focus requirements for any spell. Along the same lines, any other arcane class must pick from this list (which means that arcane classes such as the duskblade and beguiler will not be permitted). Arcane magic is referred to as "geomancy" in this setting.

Druids and monks will not be permitted.

Wolves, swans and black bears are extremely popular choices for shapeshift forms in Arkadia, and such shape changers have their own "lodges" (and resources to share with their fellows). You may well get an opportunity to voluntarily limit your forms and gain other bonuses in play. The ranger spell list is unchanged, but it is considered arcane rather than divine (and uses Intelligence rather than Wisdom as the key stat).

Clerics have two deity choices: Mother Firebird, a good deity with Sun, Good, Fire, and Protection as potential domains; and the Grey Wolf, a stern goddess who grants the War, Winter, Animal, and Law domains. Generally, both deities are worshiped in conjunction. Exact details of worship haven't been fully spelled out, but are inspired by the Russian Orthodox Church.


Any class that has Craft or Profession as a class skill also has Perform as a class skill.

If a character has 5 or more ranks in Craft(poison), he never risks accidentally poisoning themselves when applying poison to a blade. The character is also treated as having the Poison Use class feature for the purposes of qualifying for feats.


Everyone in Arkadia, regardless of species or ancestry, "speaks" Common - a pidgin tongue composed of snippets of Akradian, Biatain, Usuran, Nievmet, and smattering of other tongues it brushed up against. It's possible to make yourself understood in Common, but it's difficult to do anything other that bark commands, ask simple questions, and insult someone in the language. Speaking Common in the presence of the Tzar will get you flogged, but nobles often choose some choice Common words to describe court after it's done. Regardless of lineage or intelligence, everyone swears in Common.

Arkadian is the language of most (but not all) humans in Arkadia. It's not a language that excels in any form of expression, but is and excellent "day to day" tongue.

Biata and Usuruan and spoken by those races as a mother tongue, but is also used by humans in the hinterlands of Arkadia as a first language - Biata to the north, Usuran to the south and west. Biata is a language well suited to geography and describing terrain; you almost have to point and gesture as you speak it. Usuran, interestingly enough, lends itself to ironic humor and sarcasm. (The word for "beautiful" in Usuran sounds very similar to the term for "horse-dung" in Common.) Neither language is spoken in court.

Nievmet is the language of the Domovoi. It's a long-winded but precise tongue; interestingly, it lends itself extremely well to discussing mathematics. It's easier to discuss fractions and decimals in Nievmet than any other language, and some mathematical concepts (like "million", "billion", and "percent") only exist in the Nievmet tongue. It's not uncommon for merchants of any race to conduct business in the language. Most magical tomes are written in this tongue as well.

Illumien is a language with its roots in Celestial; it has been spoken by the empires preceding Arkadia, and is the language of both Church and Court. All official business in Court is handled in this language, but modern place names and concepts are often spoken in Arkadian, and when the subject of taxes comes up Nievmet is used.

There are other languages in existence, such as Sylvian, Infernal, Celestial, and the languages of foreign lands - but it will be rare if more than one person in the world speaks it.


To make the issue of language easier, I'm reserving specific colors for specific languages.

"Red is the language of Arkadia", the boyar announced.
"The Biata over there - the one on the small green hill, to the left of the bent birch tree - ask him", the scout instructed.
"You want to know what language I speak? Truthfully? How perceptive you are!", the Ursa rumbled.
"Seventy-five percent of all Domovoi live near the capitol", the domovoi calculated.
"All rise for the High Priest", the herald intoned in Illuman.
"You, you worthless mule shit for brains! Get back to work!", the headman barked to serf.

I like the use of color myself - it keeps the flow of the writing a bit easier.

Yes, it would be nice to know something of nearby countries


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