Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Looking for some players for an RPG!

To be clear - is this a freeform game or using Green Ronin's A Song of Ice and Fire RPG rules? The title implies the latter, but your description the former.

it is freeform. the Green Ronin system is great but I dont want to waste a ton of time doing the number crunching.

So will it be more like the books as in characters are spread all over the place, or more like traditional RPG where characters are at the same place?

I would suggest something like reign of Bloodraven/Aerys I for time period, there's enough underlying stuff to be Westeros, but most of it is uncharted territory, at least until the world of westeros book comes.

Havelock - I would like to keep the characters together as much as possible

lock426 - I think for the most part what I will do is leave it up to the players to describe their actions and have myself then basically determine what happens. Most cases it could come down to level of experience in combat as to who would win, etc. Also fights should be relatively quick as in both real life and in game of thrones the fights are quick. Does that basically answer the question?

You could set it as a group of people on a specific mission. Perhaps an unlikely alliance to destroy a threat. An ancient hidden dragon, an upstart house launching a rebellion.

That way you could set it during the events of the book itself and have the players take part in a sort of side adventure going on at the same time.

It might be interesting to tell a story about the world beyond the wall or maybe a ship wreck in one of the remote areas of the world were dark beasts and strange people lurk.

I think I get the picture. How viable would a character who never participates in combat Like a maester or little finger be in your game?

djdemiko - yea there are a lot of different ways to go about it. I included one sample idea, mostly likely everyone in the prty being part of a particular mercenary band that is deciding who to side with but there are so many options I want the players to help in creating that scenario.

lock426 - a character like that would be absolutely viable. I really like to run games where there is a heavy amount of roleplaying. It makes the game have another depth in developing the characters but also that type of focus places charismatic/non-combatant characters in a useful role as opposed to mindless dungeon crawls that emphasize character maxing over actual character/story development. Anyway so yea that sort of character would be fantastic.

Interested in this. Tossing around a few ideas.

Hey Lock, if you're making a scheming, non-combat type, any use for a loyal retainer?


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