Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Looking for some players for an RPG!

Alright guys here is the scenario I would like to run.

Breaking canon a bit here but during the Robert's rebellion, things didn't go quite as well for Robert as they did in the series. A key difference is the Lannisters did not rebel but in fact came to Rhaegar's rescue during the battle of the trident. This created a sort of a stalemate in the war, thus it continued for much longer. The war raged on and after almost a year more of fighting, for some unexplained but highly speculated reason Rhaegar joined the rebellion against his father.

There was a concerted effort between Rhaegar's forces and the Lannisters that joined together with Robert Baratheon's troops to take King's Landing from Aerys. During the seige Jaime Lannister killed the Mad King and was thus dubbed the Kingslayer. Shortly after Rhaegar married Cersei Lannister. With the common enemy gone, war began anew. Rheagar continued to fight for his claim to the Iron Throne while Robert continued his rebellion in trying to get rid of Rhaegar and all Targaryen claims to the throne.

Meanwhile, Viserys and Daenaerys were taken out of King's Landing before the sack. Daenerys was taken to Dorne and Viserys was taken to an unknown location but rumors of all kinds exist on this topic. Having the only known child of Aerys's in Westeros that had not risen against him, Dorne has risen the banner in support of Daenerys to become the Queen of Westeros.

So thus the war of succession began. Robert Baratheon supported by House Stark of Winterfell, House Arryn of the Eyrie, House Tully of Riverrun, and his own forces from Stormreach commanded by himself and his brother Stannis. Rhaegar Targaryen has behind him a large amount of Targaryen banner men, House Lannister and has conscripted the service of the Iron born into his service. In the south, Highgarden has aligned itself with Dorne in supporting the claim of Daenarys Targaryen to become the Queen of Westeros.

The war is at an all time high. The entire continent is being torn apart by this constant fighting. It has been 2 years since the Battle of the Trident and the war still rages on. King's Landing is the focus of the fighting, most believe that whoever is able to take the city will win this war.

Ok so thats the scenario. I would like all of you to be on the same "side" so do you guys have a preference as to which one? Ill pick one definitively by Sunday but I would like to here your input.

Good gods...this sounds amazing. I cannot believe every person on this site hasn't applied

Oh one small detail I should include is that Elia of Dorne was ordered to be killed by Aerys after Rhaegar betrayed him as retribution. So then part of why the Dornish sided against Rhaegar is the fact that he so quickly remarried, basically insulting Elia's memory. Also by backing Daenaerys they could more easily control the Iron Throne if she were to win the war.

Raistlinmc - we are open for applications, you should let me know about a character concept you would like to run

I take it some things are off limits, like Wildlings and Rangers.

I also take it that many teams will be present, some fighting against each other. So if you are a Lannister, you're against a Stark, and so forth.

The concept is neat. Part of me wants to let my inner noble Stark out. Another wants to be an evil Lannister. A Cersei that's smarter and not...into her brother, shall we say

Hammerfist - well strictly speaking it woudlnt be impossible to make the idea of a ranger or a wilding work but it would be very difficult.

But yea for all of you, cast your votes! So far we have one vote for Rhaegar (honeslty I'd probably vote for Rhaegar too) but let me know who you want to join: Rhaegar, Robert, or Baby Daenerys


Rhaegar has the evil people with him (so if the group goes that way, I'd pick a WICKED character ). Sure, he's a romantic pick, but we know little about him, and're picking the Mountain, Cersei, Tywin, and a non humbled Jaime Lannister to watch your back. Good luck with that

Daenarys exists better in a vacuum. We like her because she's against the world. If she happened to be in Westeros and duked it out with people we liked in that world, she'd be less appealing (an astute observation by a friend of mine). Her people sound fascinating, but we know the least about the Dornish and the Tyrells, so it's hard to be as attached.

Name: Lord Duncan Dawn, the Grey claw
Family: Lady Elise Dawn (mother) Lord Jonathan Dawn( Father Deceased)
Religion: The Seven (secret non-believer)
Age: 25
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Deformities: Grey scale scarring covering his arms and part of this chest and shoulders.

Allegiance: Rhaegar Targaryen

Backgound: For a lifetime of loyal service to the Targaryen dynasty Sir Jonathan Dawn was granted a home by the sea and a lordship. Though the lordship was more of an honorary title as his domain was no more than an Acre. It was expected that he would be the last of his line, with no heir at age 70 the lands were intended to return to the crown. Jonathan had other plans. He married one of his servants and fathered his son Duncan.

When Duncan was 6 he contracted Grey scale. He spent a year locked in his room. During that time he missed his father’s death and lost half of his fingers leaving him with his thumbs his index fingers and his right pinky.

When Duncan was 17 he left his home and his mother and hasn’t returned since. Carrying with him the only objects of any value his family possessed, His father’s sword and armor. When he reached Kings landing he sold them to provide the start for what would become his fortune. He started small with small amounts of money lending, gambling, and investments in trading voyages. At first all Duncan managed to do was keep himself and his mother in relative comfort, but as Aerys descended further and further into madness Duncan’s businesses experienced unprecedented growth. This was due in no small part to the strange “coincidence” that nearly all of his local competition was accused of and executed for treason. Put a dragon in the hands of a peasant they’ll say anything. Were it any other king their stories would have been seen for what they were, but all Aerys needed was a spark of suspicion to burn someone for treason.

After Aery’s death Duncan raised his banner, for the rightful king Rheagar.For what it's worth, Duncan little to offer in soldiers or combat, but a swift tongue, a well placed bribe, and cunning can accomplish as much as a sword. ability The choice was obvious to Duncan. Rheagar Is going to win this war. And by the time he does I'll have earned his trust, and healthy business relationship with the Lannisters.


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