Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Looking for some players for an RPG!

Ok so I think based on the feedback, we will be going with Rhaegar's faction.

I will give you all a week from today to put in character applications and we can go from there.

So some guildelines would be that your character has to be loyal to this faction which includes: Rhaegar Targaryen's banneren, the Lannisters, the Ironborn or you could have defected from another faction to this one. It is also reasonable to be from the summer islands or even from Essos, considering that Rhaegar has the Lannister wealth behind him, he has a large amount of mercenaries within his ranks. Of course you could also be a spy of some sort, for something of that nature pm me. Also each of you must have some reason for being stationed in Casterly Rock. (This is one of the major strongholds of Rhaegar's forces). I must also say, despite this taking place during a civil war, not only warrior types are valuable.

If you have any other questions please ask

Hey everyone just want to check in. I have been having a few people pming me about character ideas. This is totally fine to do but I do want everyone to put their character application into this thread. Also you have until sunday to get your character idea in but if I were you I would get it in sooner, the spots are starting to disappear and once I get 6 worthy applications I am going to get started.

Leon Woolcott
Age: 15
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Lord Lionel Woolcott (father)
Lady Alize Sunderland (mother, deceased)
Lord Ariel Woolcott (brother, older)
Religion: The Old Gods and the New

Name and Titles/monikers: Nathaniel Crows, The Crowman, Blackbird, Bird of Prey (notice a theme?)
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Nationality: Westerman/From Lannisport
Social Status: Bounty Hunter with Military Background (Scout)

Description of Appearance: Nathaniel's features are considered very handsome by average standards, and averagely handsome by loftier standards. He is youngish in appearance, perhaps due to having the physique and stature of a man half his age, allowing him the luxury of never having to admit exactly how old he may or may not be. He is on the low end of being considered tall, standing at roughly 6 feet even, his thin yet muscularly toned build giving the impression he is much weaker frail than he actually is. He wears dark colored clothing and cloaks, even his armor is stained several shades darker than most, all to better suit his position as scout. His skin is a deep tan, suggesting at least one of his parents were of the summer isles.

Description of Skills: Nathaniel is a master tracker, trapper, and all around hunter, due to years of hunting game of every size and species with his father, in order to ensure that his family did not starve. These skills helped him a great deal when he became involved in the war. Nathaniel is considered to be one of the greatest scouts known in all of the surrounding areas, yet only revered in this way among the military who have heard stories. In his spare time, both before the war and the during, he was a very sought after bounty hunter within Lannisport, learning the skills of hunting humans was not all that different from hunting animals, it was all about learning their patterns, after all we are each creatures of habit, regardless of our current status upon the food chain.

Backstory:Nathaniel was born the son of a woman, who had been born of the summer lands and a father born and raised in Westeros. His father built a farm on the outskirts of Lannisport, where he tought Nathaniel and his 3 elder brothers how to till the land and hunt game of varying species.

One question...i am not sure if it was already answered, and if so I apologize. Are we involved in the civil war at the moment or are we just citizens of Casterly rock? and also, maybe a little info on the opening of the game in relation to our potential characters would also be helpful?

Sure. Each of you are involved in the war and have been recruited to Rhaegars forces. You are each stationed at Casterly Rock and have all been summoned by Tywin Lannister for some unknown reason

looks like not a lot of people are interested in this game. im giving it until the end of the week for more applications


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