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Okay, think I have my CS finished up if you wanna give it a glance-over and check it out. By the way, on the movement rate chart, if I go by what it says, it seems it would be saying that I can only move three feet during a combat round... we're not using the 'divide by three, multiply times ten' system?

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NJ you win some you loose some!
Heh, Golring had more HP as a magic-user than as a cleric!

It looks good merc. Could you add the race slot I forgot about?

On encumbrance, I did a quick read through and they seemed like they would be sufficiently simple for my purposes, however I forgot about dwarves. I generally allow dwarves to carry twice as much before they are encumbered, the benefit of being stocky.

That said I will tell you how I use encumbrance. If you are trying to run away from a battle I will see if the monster is faster than you... You can't get away by just running. If you are trying to catch a monster running away from you who moves faster... You have to close into combat with a missile armed enemy that is quite a ways away, how long does it take you to get there. While I appreciate players that track encumbrance when one of these situations comes up, I am going to recalculated it. Being able to add coins carried, 70 lbs for equipment and weapons and armor speeds it up. I don't usually sweat over it other than these situations.

Well I thought that 70lbs was a bit heavy. Reading through the white box forum tonight... 10lbs. My white box pdf says 70 and the text document. Anyway, it is supposed to be 10lbs.

lol that's what the rules state. I just figured that was your personal house ruling. Just be wary of players trying to include rope, iron spikes and a month's worth of rations in that 10 lbs base essentials

Nope I just took it off the text document that I downloaded from Mythmere. Guess they don't update their text docs very often, my PDF was a couple years old and it has 70 lbs too. I just downloaded the newer pdf today and threw the old one away, not sure what other errata may be in there.

Pack up on normal gear.

The white box mostly just breaks down the core rules into more simplified, universal penalty/bonus system (much like a kindergarten version of 3rd/4th ed D&D, as well as more basic movement rates. The complete rules movement charts were revised in the Core Rules 4th printing, and the complete/core rules use the 10 lb basics


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