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Not quite. White box is Finch's re-imagining of the Three Little Brown Books of 0e. Core Rules is his re-imagining of the TLBB + Supplement 1 - Greyhawk. So Core is actually the beefed up version of WB, not the other way around. I have been interested in running a pre-Greyhawk game for a while, hopefully I will get enough players.

Chirp if you check back in here. Equipment is supposed to be 10 lbs. I was using an older copy of the rules that had an error in it.

BW, just letting you know, if you get enough apps from others that you feel are good for your game, go ahead and accept them and put me on the list as a backup player. I'm already in AlphaDork's S&W game, and running mine, and since this is only the third S&W game to be played on this site, I want to make sure everyone else has the opportunity to play this system

We have had a lot of rolling, but not a lot of applying. I think 3d6 in order scares people even when the rolls really don't have that much of an impact.

I've had the same experience. The way I see it, though, it weeds out the rollplayers from the roleplayers. It's fun to have a character that can do awesome stuff cuz they have high scores, for sure. But it's even more fun when you have a strength of 5, and manage to finagle that door's hinge just right to get it unstuck when the 18 strength fighter couldn't brute force it open!

I like the 3d6 in order method. Maybe for the hip retro aspect, or the hardXcore appeal.

I like the in-order method too...until you have a group of a rogue and three wizards lol...of course, that has made for a couple of interesting games, too!

BW, if you want it, I've created a spreadsheet of the equipment list (not including weapons/armor) that include the weights for the items, as well as having added a few items to the list, and the 3.5 list of goods & services. If you're interested in using the list to make weight-figuring easier, here is the link

I plan to add more to it soon, including an expanded weapons list

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