Timeline of the game

Timeline of the game

Timeline of the game.
1/1 Set up.
1/1 Some tribal information put in references folder.
1/1 Players chosen and informed before the game starts.
1/1 Game start by 1 December 2012.
/1 Scene with the Malan'whibi tribe, almost at winter equinox. (lasting throughout most of real life December 2012) .
/1 Christmas bonus 25-31 December 2012.
/1 New Year stuff 1-7 January 2012.

I expect to be organizing by month, so 1 ingame dream (scene, or series) within one real life month, for the main game. Under this organization, scenes for the main D&D3.5 tribal setting will start at the beginning of a month and end at the end of it, wherever posting may happen to be at the time. (Dreamers wake up, regardless of where the dream scene is at).

Also got impatient and sent out invitations. People who have expressed interest and posted in the application thread have an invite (I think I got everyone, let me know if I haven't). I'm going to leave the ad open until December 1st in case of further interest, though the game ad thread has slowed down so I'm not expecting many further applications. Thinking of having a rough levelling timeline of one level per one or two months.

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