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I'm learning code. But if you remember Rock_DS from the original Menzo, hes brilliant at it.
Then I'll have you know you can edit virtually every part of a users profile, and most of the site. It just takes forever to do. The users profile is pretty easy actually. The site, not so much.

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I just realized, our group is missing coders.... Unless your all secretly php wizards....
I know only small bits of php, sadly, but I am familiar with other languages. I am currently in the process of learning C++ (on the job, so to speak, because I need to have a project written in it handed in in a few weeks).

You should do what the rest of us cool kids do: learn Attic Greek, try to read Homer, realize that he's writing in a different dialect for which you don't have the right dictionary, and then give up and read Xenophon.
I never had that problem. I did have a theory about Homer's long-winded metaphors, though: I can say from personal experience it's an easy way to get a sentence into your meter that doesn't quite fit, as you have considerably more words to replace and shift around until it does work.

As for any geeky upbringing... Sci-fi was very mainstream for my parents, so I was given and read a lot of Harrisson, Asimov, the Strugatskis, Clarke and such in my youth, but getting introduced to DnD that way is downright laughable: I think they still don't know something like DnD exists and wonder what I spend my friday nights on.
Other than LoTR (and obviously, the Hobbit and part of the Silmarillion) and the first few Drizzt books, my history of reading fantasy is pretty much non-existent.

Yay Asimov!

Also, Jreece, was that also Epic magic? Because I never was told if the save was vs a changing effect. Amulet of Inviolate form would have kept him Drow unless epic magic..

Everything here is twice our CR level, Aragorn. Just take it and be glad he didn't kill you with an Epic death spell that ignores immunity to death effects. I'm not kidding. Anything you say will be shot down with Epic, so just let the scene play out.

Well generally if you're not epic yourself, you are not immune to any epic effects. Immune to Fear? Epic Fear makes you pee yourself.

RE: Epic — yeah, most of it bypasses immunities. Also: Plot Attack.

RE: Coding — I knew (past -tense, haven't used it in years) Scheme, C++, and a few esoteric ones I forgot the names of...


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