The Flayed Secondboy (OOC)

The matron almost made some ˝Vampires.

If no one has anything they wish to say to Mr. Red, I'll move the scene along this evening.

Gth isn't talking with him.

On a completely different note, I unwrapped a mummy today.

Nice.... Reverse google images checks out, its legit.

This begs the question, why?

Reverse Google Images? What type of sorcery is that?

Regardless, my university rediscovered that we had a random sarcophagus lying around and decided to open it up. Turns out most of its insides are a jumble of mixed up bones with a lot of them missing. We're also not sure of how old it is, but some of our paperwork purports that its a daughter of Ramses II. Basically we opened it up to see WTF is actually true about it and if we could do any sort of identification.

Cool. I didn't know you were an archeology major.(Are you?)

Reverse google images would show if the image was posted anywhere else. It's quite useful for fact checking.

Well then I need to be doubly careful about the images that I post!

I'm not, I do mostly ancient history; however, I'm taking a class on ancient Egypt right now, so I was invited to the reopening of the sarcophagus. There was also a cute girl there too who is an archaeology major.

Firstly, Adinul is too scared of Mr. Red to answer.

Secondly, that's truly awesome.

1: I love your mummy.
2: Xul is playing the "I'm not here" game, so nothing to say.

ok, than will update tonight.

I also feel I owe you all an apology.

I want to be clear, you guys "won" this scene. The main person was that female mage. Everyone/thing else was her creation, and without her fell apart. You lot killed her WAY faster than I was expecting, and Xul managing to dominate a dragon was impressive to say the least.

I apologize for not making these things much clearer in the game texts.

Sorry all.

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