The Flayed Secondboy (OOC)

That's right. Fear Xul. Fear his mighty dominating presence!

So obviously, Adinul made the right call to shoot her. And to think he'd almost decided to lay low and leave her alone for that spell...

EDIT: Does the cutscene signify we should start planning our actions back home?

If so, Adinul is going to need instructions as to his... well, his entire existence, basically.

Yes, i'll be putting up one more post very soon, and then you are free to head back home/do your own thing.

I believe JCB has an adventure planned, as well I will be here to take care of Player Side Business (IE- things you're wanting to do without everyone else)

Well, it's an *option* for an adventure. It isn't mandatory. We have lots of room for you all to do your own things for a while if you like before taking off on another jaunt into near certain death.

This is probably my favorite part...


Can we look for a few specific items/trophies? An armies worth of loot is ridiculous, and the council will want it to pay for damages.

You can look for specific things. Generally, since you all have access to the Wish Economy, you won't be finding 5000 swords (they're there, but im assuming you dont care)

Gth will probably look for survivors to "interrogate" so we can figure out how they got so close to Menzo without being detected, maybe find some clues about that Mage.

Unless we wanted to make a sword golem.......

Any checks or just state intentions?

Some low-mid level adventuring party is going to stumble acrossed this battlefield and level up 6 times just based on 1e xp per gp rules.

Or we could equip every house soldier with magic weapons. Who would dare to stand against the might of House Camcarneyar when even our goblin fodder is armed with +1 swords and armor?

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