The Flayed Secondboy (OOC)

Whew! If this is truly over, then it's time to level up, correct? I believe Jon mentioned that we earned a level up after that really cool RP of Illivarra's failure due to Jaezred and the subsequent branding of Adinul.

Whee! The plan worked! You know guys, this is going pretty well, all things considered, for most of us.

So, here's my idea.

Animate the skeletons. Equip them with their own weaponry.
Use the flesh to lure beasts of the Underdark. Tame them.
Return gloriously, with greater military strength. Watch the Council weep.

That's actually a pretty sound idea. Only downside is that it might offend the Council a bit to lead an undead army into a city that's not too fond of them. Could we smuggle the undead army in somehow instead?

Screw the council, they are idiots who led us into a battle versus an epic monster. They clearly do not know what they are doing.
You guys have Illivarra's permission to animate at will.

Anyone want to give Belar some scrolls? Because we gon need every last person to control this horde of undead....

Speaking of that, can we bring in cohorts to control them?

They obviously have not met our cohorts. Or thier resourcefulness. Or their ability to hide in bags of holding with bottles of air...... >.>

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