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Deleted it.

Ring of Vampiric Regeneration
Upon dying the wielder is teleported to safety where the ring regenerates the wounds of its wielder bringing them back to consciousness. To recharge the power of the ring it must drink fresh blood.

Is this okay? it was entirely my idea.

For being a community game, you are doing a good job of controlling what does and does not get put onto this character, Matty. Isn't the point of this exercise to have the community come up with the details of this character and then have the character's adventures play out based on what the community says and has the character do? I mean, if you don't like what is being done to the character and can over-ride or veto the choices made by the community, then why are we "playing" this game?

All I was doing was attempting to provide some moderation and offer suggestions/thoughts. I wasn't trying to come across as vetoing but more as trying to retain a sense of what seemed appropriate for what was being created.

If I have come across as wanting to dominate what happens in this thread then that was not my intention.

If people don't like my input or feel that I am interfering far too much then I will happily leave this in the hands of everyone else and will no longer make any suggestions/thoughts/changes or interfere in any way.

I thought I was being helpful. I guess I'm not and I apologise.

Well, you flat-out told me that the cursed item may not stick around as the game is supposed to be light-hearted, but then asked for community input on the item. I was under the impression that I would be allowed to add some flavor to the character, but apparently not.

Someone else then put an item on the character that you immediately shot down, saying "I still feel inclined to say no to anything like this". That tells me that you are in control of what does and does not happen with the character, taking the decision to let us add stuff to him/her/it/whatever out of our hands. If you aren't trying to control the character, then you are doing a good job of not doing just that.

Just my 2 cents. I don't want to be a dick, so I'll stop with the thread-jack.

Starting level is 6 with free ECL of the vampire template. She is now an albino wood elf. LOL


If there was nobody to moderate then people would start posting retard things that don't make any sense... Matty, I think, is doing a good job of filtering. Your curse wasn't very lighthearted and it is only upsetting to a player who isn't using a weapon which they are proficient with. Not the case here or the character wouldn't have an enchanted katar as well.

Now a curse that would be upsetting is that every time you hit critical, you poo yourself a little.

No body slot taken? Hmm...

Corsetted Mithral Chainmail of Vile Sensuality. Provides a +3 Magical armor bonus (on top of the chainmail arrmor bonus). Vile Sensuality 3/day, the corset will enhance her body to the point that no male - and 50% of females - must make a DC 20 Will save or be smitten with groveling lust for her, willing to do anything she asks no matter how evil and vile in the hopes of winning her affection.

I for one like the cursed katar...would be interesting when you need that free hand but you just can't seem to get rid of that damned sword lol

Edit: For crap's sake, I was way off on thread pages lol

Me and Matty discussed a curse I think you will all like. He is posting it shortly unless he hasn't done so already. It an intelligent enchanted item that hates violence and cries when ever it is used to stab someone.


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