Character applications

Character applications

Post applications for characters here. Include the following:
Description (optional):
History (optional):
Expected posting rate for this game: (3x/week, 6x/week, whatever)
and a link to your character sheet somewhere. Questions can go in the OOC thread.

As a side note, you'll be playing descendents of the original tribe, or descendents of the allies of the tribe. Somewhere in the character's history, they will have something to do with the tribe basically. They can either be part of the tribe now, or they can be off somewhere else not expecting much, except for some old stories that have been passed down through the ages about how their ancestors fought against shadows and demons. Also that shadows are incorporeal, and can only be hurt by magic, so magic weapon oil would be an idea for people without access to spells. One of the totem spirits will be sent to collect them, if they are not with the main tribe already. The tribe has access to ritual magic, as do their enemies. They are also currently situated at a place of power, which a goblin tribe that uses dark magic is eager to get to as well, but has been fended off thus far.

Name: Gregory Dingman
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 68
Description: Old, wheel chair bound man. In dream, young black haired sorcerer.
History: Got put into a home 5 years ago.
Expected posting rate for this game: 6/week

Name: Bruce Sumner
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Age: 28
Description (optional): A man of medium height, dusty brown hair, with a bit of ponch, but otherwise slender.
History (optional): A crane operating specialist on construction crews, Bruce is a quiet, contemplative guy. After his fiance left him a year ago, he was able to avoid depression, but has since started suffering insomnia, which he has yet to find a reliable medicine for. Lately he's taken to self medicating with bourbon, and he spends most nights sitting in his reclining chair, watching tv in his Boston apartment.
Expected posting rate for this game: (5x/week) I work freelance on movie sets, so I'm afraid my schedule can be a little unpredictable, but I'm usually home at some point every day and will likely have time to post, and I joined this site specifically because I have a fair amount of down time.

Name: David Brenner
Gender: Male
Class: soulknife
Age:16 in real 24 in dream
Description: Medical coma teenage boy in real, Tan skinned blond hair and green eyed slender man in dream
History (optional):
Expected posting rate for this game: 6x/week or more

I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix, so this interests me.

Modern Name: Claudia James
Dream Name: Tamuríl Ancalímon
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Monk
Age: 25/138
History: Claudia was unfortunate enough to be born into a homeless family. While her mother and father tried to do their best for her, living is hard on the streets. The reason for this was that her father is insane, or so she thought. He spoke often of being the descendant of a lost tribe of people who could see the truth of the world, and fight evil. He was away often on his "adventures," sometimes coming back with strange wounds, and always with new stories to tell. Still, crazy as they were, she loved his stories.
When she became an adult, she found an opportunity to at least get a job and off the streets. She moved to the country and became a ranch hand. It is still a meager living, but better than the violence and uncertainty of her youth, and she loved working with the animals.

Expected posting rate for this game: Variable. Never less than 3x/week. I usually do 6x/week, but I have a rather stressful job, and sometimes my brain just doesn't want to work when I get home.

Character Sheet in progress...
I think I've got everything but the equipment, which I will work on.

Name: Taliya
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
Age: 146
Expected posting rate for this game: I will be posting at least 3x/week if not more

ZeraSapphire, could you please make your character sheet public? I tried to view it but it wouldn't let me lol.


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