Character applications

Cool, I can see it now, thanks

I can see Neylana's character sheet, which is mostly done

I used to be able to see Shadowkiller's, but now it says bad sheet ID when I try clicking on it. Hmm.

Character InfoName: Alexandria Wolfmother
Race and Gender: Human female
Age: 18
Class(es)/Level(s): Barbarian 1/Druid 1
Concept: Shamaness (in training)





Wow, you're organised HumanFighter! Also your signature made me laugh.

Why thank you LD. It's a product of my OCD I guess being organized... It's either OCD or it's the product of being the mother of a 3 year old and having to keep everything spotless.

As far as the signature: I may play serious characters, but that's only because I live a very fun life and have a 'little' sense of humor.

Name: Haldir
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue/assasin
Age: 24
he'll be his normal self both in dream world(s)
and reality.
posting 2-4days a week.

@HumanFighter Aha, I see what you did there
I'm wondering about the buckler and studded leather armor... druids aren't allowed metal shields or armor or they lose their powers for 24 the buckler a wooden one and the studded leather studded with bone or something? Just want to know to get a clear idea before the game starts.
@Adaiah Hey, good to see you posting in the application thread
@Dud33 Cool, I have your sheet already, good to see you posting in the application thread too. You may want to fill in more of your sheet when you get time.
@PandaMaster Cheers for posting in the application thread, may want to fill in the sheet before game begins.
@Attikol A character sheet would be appreciated if you're still interested.
@Shadowkiller What happened to your character sheet? I used to be able to see it, now it says bad ID...o.o
@ZeraSapphire Good to see most of your sheet done, just need to choose a feat, spells, skills and equipment.
@Neylana Cool, a monk application. As a side note, inspiration for this game is probably from Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, who did his PhD thesis on lucid dreams, as well as the novels Mirror Dreams and Mirror Wakes, by Catherine Webb.

Name: Hasana
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Age: 19
Description (optional): Tall, with deep brown, contemplative eyes. Speaks softly, but with sincerity and resolve. These days, tries to be more thoughtful and dignified than is her nature, with mixed results.

History (optional): Most young women would be wounded if their fathers had chosen their younger brother to inherit their place in the tribe, but Hasana understood. Well, she threw a fit at the time . . . But her father was a wise and respected elder of the tribe; her brother Anuja would have been an even greater man, a kind, patient soul and a spectacularly gifted healer. Honoring of a child of peace over an ambitious, born warrior was a statement, an important one that shocked and resounded with the entire tribe. But then her brother was taken by the shadows. Perhaps that too was a statement.
Though Hasana does not doubt for a second her duty to protect the tribe from the dark forces conspiring against them, she wonders if the spirits would have preferred to lead Anuja to glory, and if she can ever fill the place he left behind.

(In the 'real world' 14 year old Danny is also coping with the loss of his slightly younger brother. The story seems an exaggeration of his own grief and anxieties, though Danny was actually the "smart one", while his brother was an athlete.)

Expected posting rate for this game: I can probably do a post a day, I can do a really good post probably every other or every third day. Expect posting to improve drastically after finals.
Character Sheet, should be all ready to go

All comments welcome! Feedback gets the creative juices flowing.

The book says that druids can wear studded leather, but if it makes you feel better I can go with leather. I can't use hide armor because then I loose the fast movement of the barbarian.

The buckler is wooden, yes


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