Out of Character & Questions

So, where will be the start for the journey? Is it going to be already nearby the Wall or somewhere specificaly at Kingsroad?

The game will begin nearby the Last River, on the Kingsroad. You'll be part of a group headed to the Wall, meaning you likely won't have an opportunity to buy shiny new gear once the adventure starts. Unless you're guilty of some heinous crime and have had your possessions stripped of you, you'll get to keep what you bring to the Wall. Once you're there, however, money will become scarce and opportunities to restock even rarer.

If I make a post stating specifically what I did with my money, could someone use that information to "stumble" upon my money and steal it?
Or would they have to use a Passive Awareness test, or something along those lines?

Sorry for asking all the noob questions, I'm just trying to get a feel for Intrigue, and how PbP works exactly.

No, I meant stash it somewhere in my room, or something…

In a sock under the mattress, for example.

Well, you came from the dungeon of the Red Keep, so I don't think so. There are no mattresses there, and you would have been searched anyways. So spend the money or lose it!

Yeah sorry about that, my work schedule has been pretty bad since Thanksgiving weekend. I should have some time this coming weekend to look over apps and put up the IC thread.

Glad to hear! I am really looking forward for this scenario to start after I looked throughout the whole Night's Watch rulebook.


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