This Thread is for Out of Character conversations, and questions on character creation

Note: I apologize if I miss a question, I'll have an easier time seeing them if they are set aside and directed at me, and not in blocks of text, like:
@Josh(ua(13905)): How do I try and avoid you missing my question?

This doesn't mean I'll intentionally not answer a question if you ask in a different way, and if I do miss it, feel free to ask again, I won't be bothered.

Josh- What do the numbers on your name stand for?

seems odd that you didn't give us a thread for rolls oh well!

@Madhatter, the numbers had to do with a zip code I used to be associated with, they weren't completely random.

@KMBcross, Clan Occupations are in effect, you can choose one if you wish, though you must for some reason be part of a Leaf genin squad.

@Randomaction and DragonMech, I forgot about a thread for rolls... Made one now for character creation rolls, of course you both are fine as is.

Thanks, Josh. This is my first foray into the system, so I'm bound to make a ton of mistakes on the technique side of things. There's just so many to go through.

Just pick a thing you want too do and stick too it. Like, if you want to be a genjutsu user, then focus on Genjutsu and things that increase the save DC. If you want to focus on nijutsu, then get things that increase their save DCs and your attack bonus's.

My character is primarily a Taijutsu user that has a sprinkle of Raiton ninjutsu(because it's her element), a genjutsu(because it helps her manuever arround her enemies), Toad pact summoning (because having something in reserve to suprise your enemies is always fun) and the mysterious jutsu that there is only one reason for her to actually have. <.<'

Okay, so she is kinda everywhere, but her main focus is stealth and killing things in the face.

Where do we put our applications?

EDIT- I put my application in it's own thread so I can work on it, hope you don't mind there.

Also I have a couple feat related questions.

JOSH13905- Are you allowing the optional Strong Hero Armor proficiency rules? What about the optional Genius Nin rule of letting it apply to everything instead of one thing?


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