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the optional rule concerning starting armor proficiency is in effect, you get the armor proficiency of whatever the first class you take is.
It's right there in the Character creation thread, in bold, underneath our allowed number of starting jutsu... o.o

Thanks Dragon. I must of missed it.

I do have a semantics question though....
What the heck is the difference between a Chisa-katana and a wakizashi? They look like the same weapon too me. o.o

Anyone know if the Lighting Release Armor technique is in the Naruto Book?

That is okay. I found some good techniques and finished my character now. Want to work on connecting backstories Dragonmech?

Justin-Feel free to close and delete my character thread now. I finished my application and sheet.

An Akimichi with Water Jutsus

My guy is already becoming quite unique in the naruto-verse

That's pretty cool man.

I'm seriously considering an Aburame. Because the Aburame Clan are awesome.

Aburame are always neat, but creepy. Yeah arent the AKimichi all Earth based? LOL. Anyways if anyone wants to connect backstories please feel free. My guy is a Taijutsu specialist mostly. With some Raiton elements thrown in.


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