I have an image!

Well, kinda...

Your going to have to use your imagination (and I mean, call it up and put it on speed-dial) because it's kinda a pick-and-mix I'm doing. Now, how to combine them...

@phoenixfire, excellent feel free to tinker as you wish!

@PsionicFox, I am very hesitant of homebrew things, as I already think it is difficult to keep power somewhat balanced among the group, and homebrew allows another place for power differences to get out of hand. That said you can certainly ask. Its easier if it correlates to other examples in the game, but I understand that makes it hard to make new unique things.

@Madhatter, I don't think that I have come across that yet hehe, as I said I'm partway through the show and don't get the manga. But if its rank 15 stuff it's far off in the distance, so we're okay!

Episode 285 I think shows it. When A comes to fight Naruto. He also uses it to Arm wrestle Lady Tsunade.

The fact he mentions Tsunade-sama must mean that it's Shippuden rather than the first season.

Oh, and would you be willing to allow things, eventually, from the Sage's Handbook?

Oh yeah I should of clarified Shippuden. SORRY!

@Dragon Mech, I haven't looked at the Sage's Handbook, but if you like I can sometime.

Don't worry, take you time over looking it up, the soonest I'd be able to take anything out of there is 9th level, and that's a feat. Would have to wait until 10th level to beable to become a Sage.

@kirss1989, I believe the add says the 30th of November, so I'll chose players that weekend.

Which brings me to an important note, from Nov 21-24 I very well may not have internet, that gives about a week after that during which I will be back and able to answer questions. But from 21-24th I may not be around to help out, sorry.

@Psionicfox, yeah 15-16 is a fine age.

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