Character Creation Rules

Character Creation Rules

Starting Level: Level 5
Hit Points: Max at First, roll other levels or take average, but not both, if you choose one stick with it.
We will be using certain rules from the True Ninja, stricken rules are not in effect

To be a true Ninja, one must:
– be built using 40-point buy or 5d6, taking the three best, rerolling ones.
have at least 1 power unit. I may decide to hand out power units during gameplay to as a reward, but I'm not sure they're what you would prefer.
– be able to learn techniques with only half the normal time.
– be able to move at up to 5 times his normal speed. (Using the Run action of course)
count as armed and deal lethal damage with unarmed strikes even without the Combat Martial Arts feat (as per optional rule). Gain Combat Martial Arts for free.
– begin play with the three basic techniques, Bunshin, Henge and Kawarimi, as well as 2d4 +1 technique per level. We will be Starting with 3d4+9 Techniques, not per level, just
Not counting the three basic ones
total. If you would rather not roll you can elect to take 17 Starting techniques, which is average. However if you roll you risk having less or more.

- Everyone begins play with 4 'Masteries*' that can be assigned, and can sacrifice a starting jutsu for an additional mastery
– have Balance, Chakra Control, Climb, Disguise, Genjutsu, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Ninjutsu, Search, Spot, Survival and Taijutsu as permanent class skills.
– be able to recover Chakra loss twice as fast.

* Mastery comes in five stages as described in the Document, and you gain 4 stages to be distributed into your jutsu, placing them all in one to get the fourth rank of mastery in that one, or one rank in 4 different techniques, feel free to ask if this is unclear.

On Choosing JutsuStandard Rules allow for the max rank of technique a character can learn is equal to his character level. At level five this means the highest jutsu you can have are
This can be circumvented using Genius Nin allowing Rank 6 as the max.
Rank 5, The amount of techniques you can take per Rank at start is:
Rank 5: 3 Techniques
Rank 4: 5 Techniques
Rank 3 and Under: Any Amount
If you Take Genius Nin:
Rank 6: 3 Techniques
Rank 5: 4 Techniques
Rank 4: 5
Rank 3 and Under: Any Amount

Optional rules will be decided upon on a case by case basis, so feel free to ask, the optional rule concerning starting armor proficiency is in effect, you get the armor proficiency of whatever the first class you take is.

The following Homebrew rules are in effect:
-Everyone gains the Genin Feat for free, that said you cannot take any higher rank feats.
-Exp Awards may be given for Good Roleplaying.

I'll do my best to update this as questions are posed.

Application Requirements:

Applications Require the Following:



Description A paragraph or two detailing your characters appearance, including any noteworthy gear or markings, or a picture, or both.

Personality 1-3 paragraphs about how your character acts and who they are, I should be able to make an educated guess on how your character might act certain situations based on this.

Background What has made your character who he/she is, what important events, or parts of their life have impacted them? Do they have any goals?

Battle Style (Optional) Basically how your character acts in a fight, this section is truly optional, and won't count against you if absent, its just another area that lets you present your application.

And a link to a character sheet.

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