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What kind of layout do you want in the application. As I noticed there is no sheets on this page for it, do you want us to use some kind of template or to post a jpg of our sheets?

Also: Pending between a practical Trianomae with close connection to the mundane and a theoretical Bonisagi venturing on the crossroads between magi and the divine. Would be interesting to know what other players had in mind to reach a good balance in the group.

I've always used the form that is used in the core book for the mage templates (chapter before character generation). Don't worry too much about layout. Anything readable is fine.

We have one player planning to play a heretic, so it would help if your Bonisagus wasn't too dogmatic (unless both of you enjoy scholastic arguments AND can still function as a team). Both concepts can be fun, and I'm planning to tailor about three quarters of the events to fit the different characters.

I am looking at a Terran specialist thats goal is to create the earthen tower for his own personal living area other then that will read up on things tomorrow

A more fleshed out concept; A Trianomae magi jealous on his Bonisagi brother and sisters for their pioneer opportunitiest. So that he outside his search of secrets for the house also dabbles a bit in experimentel magic around alternating dimensions. On top of that he will also have a far-reached goal of creation the first Parma Magica spell.

I'm contemplating if he would have any early experience with the fay and then at later years being introduced to their mysterious through his dabbeling with their dimension.

I noticed that the character has got 2 story flaws. Please limit yourself to a maximum of one story and 2 personality flaws. More than one story flaw is not only against raw, but also gives me too many stories to fill. So if you are a Diedne, you have your story flaw.
By the way, the effect of the (blatant) gift are not limited to humans, but also colour the reactions of animals and supernatural beings. There are virtues in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults to limit that effect.

The order of Hermes is strict about House Diedne. In a way, it fits into what I've planned, but if you are ever found out, you are deadder than dead (houses Tremere and Flambeau especially would love to free the world from your presence). If you want to keep playing a Diedne, you need a good explanation for ending up in House Bonisagus (line T.). If it's just an attempt to max spontaneous spells, consider life-linked spontaneous magic instead.

You need to decide what your personal vis source is and the kind of vis it gives. I recommend a portable vis source (e.g. your tears, hair, a box that refills etc). It will either produce 4 form vis or 3 technique vis per annum. You must decide on a form or technique.

I assume that the major Driven refers to the characters future goals.

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ok having some issues here. I want to take flawless magic and mastery spells. I cannot find anywhere about how much XP it costs to master spells. I start with 1 in all my spells, and i have 50 more to spend to increase that but how much does it cost?
Spell mastery normally costs like an ability (carouse, Latin, ...)
lvl 1: 5xp
lvl 2: another 10xp
lvl 3: another 15xp
lvl 4: another 20 xp

If you take spell mastery and flawless magic, you get each spell with lvl 1 in spell mastery without spending xp on mastery and you get 100xp (not 50, it's doubled by the virtue) to spend on spells to raise mastery to lvl 2 or more. You can take spell mastery more than once. Combining spell mastery and flawless is not uncommon.

yea i just found the page and del the post when saw you replied

My guy is coming along great, i going to be a shapeshifter(supernatural virtue) that is a black sheep of a powerful Bjornaer family as he has a deficient Technique in Animal Joined a Ex Miscellanea instead of the family's Bjornaer house.

I like the character you've created so far a lot.
There are still a few errors in it: Deficient Animal is a form deficiency (minor): Only Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo and Muto are techniques.
If he had a university degree, he'd have to take the Magister major virtue (errata allow combining it with Hermetic mage).
You can come from a tradition of Wise Women, but as a Hermetic Magus, you don't have to write it down (or pay for it).

My I ask for one more very minor change: Can you make one of the other minor hermetic virtues into the house virtue (cyclic magic, for example, feels less hermetic and mre ex misc than mastered spells).

After changing the virtues, count them again to see if you have the right number.

I see your character as a promising young bloke (very intelligent, excellent memory, cautious), who failed to become a Bjornaer and studied hard to show them what it takes to be a Mage. Not too complicated a concept, but coherent, and plausible. His success in making it despite being turned down is the stuff that can make a mage optimistic and overconfident.

The way I thought about the Diedne background was that he had been taken by a Magi from house Bonisagus early in his Diedne apprenticeship, given their right to do so. The reason for this would be both to protect the young aprentice from the twisted house but also to give the Magi access to some of their skills in a more controlled maner. But then I must say that I'm not very familiar with the timeline nor the history around the house so perhaps this is not doable?

Also the book state that Dark secret flaw given by Diedne Magic is "in addition to your normal allowance of flaws", but perhaps it still makes it impossible to possess any other story flaws?

Edit: The feeling I strive after is that my character albeit being a member of house Bonisagus feels like he's not one of them, that he has some more basic primal instincts that isolates him from the rest of the house and in order to be a greate magus he has to embrace this feeling and investigate it by gaining a deeper insight of himself. Thus seeking solitude and self-sufficiency through adaptability and self learning in close proximity to nature and the mystic arts. Would there be any other house that the Bonisagus could have snatched him from that would work better? Perhaps being initiated as a Bjornaer?


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