Character Info
Name: Hidon Shinzengumi
Titles/Nicknames: Sparky
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Height: 4'9
Weight: 130
Element Affinity: Raiton ((Lightning))
Ninja Rank: Genin
Team: Konaha's




Battle Style

Ninja Info Card

Character Sheet Link:
Starting Stats
Str-16, Dex-14, Con-18, Int-10, Wis-14, Cha-8


Working on the sheet now. Still a work in progress. If this is not the right place to put applications then please let me know Sorry

It is not completed yet. I need some place to put it, where I can work on it. If the GM doesn't like it he can move it for me. But the application is not yet finished.

Originally Posted by Complete Appication thread
The Exception to this rule is posting an application that has all required parts, except a finished character sheet. You may provide a link to a partially finished character sheet so long as you finish it by the deadline.
Ummm... seems that all the fluff is finished, so you can post it over there.....

Well I want the fluff approved before I post it in there. But you have a good point Dragon. I missed that Exception Rule. >_<

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