Which one, Triban?

Hm, I kind of wanted to make an unarmed combat specialist of some sort, but I don't really want to be lawful. Any ideas for how that could work?

I wish I knew more about stuff outside the CRBs., this is fun. Binders are odd to shop for; you usually build a character to do a few things well, but they can do some very different things from day to day.

I'm basing my character's abilities on Naruto, from the anime of the same name. Personality, quite different

If you could edit the name of my thread to include (Grey Elf Binder) I'd be extremely grateful.

I feel so bad for incorrectly formatting my characters thread name.

If its not a huge bother, would you change it to "Taurnil Galathil (Elf Defiant)"? Seems Im not the first to ask for this.


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