Its an Athar PrC from Planar Handbook 3.5.

I like the flavour, it could be intetesting to see how it'd work in Sigil's setting.

Mechanics ,though, seem a bit underpowered. I thought about maybe adjusting them with DM's permission.
But thats if I get in the game, which is unlikely.

P.S.: Didn't that Tarrasque character (Gluttony) from the other Planescape game had this PrC?

Sorry I haven't gotten my App up yet. Gonna work on that tonight. Been distracted with my game...

Lots of cool characters submitted for this.
Im new to Myth-Weavers and have mostly been GMing all my life, so no great experience with character creation. I'd be grateful ,if someone gave an opinion on my application. Maybe some tips?

Sorry that took so long, DM. But at least it is built properly, right? Taking that long to make an incomplete character would have gotten me ignored for sure. :P

I'm going to post a "sample binding" tonight as a writing exercise, but nothing needed. Here's hoping!

Irving- you're still intending to do Private Threads for all the bindings you're going to use?

I'll have to set up a Binding thread group folder for you should you be accepted. I could just create 4 player folders and have your binding thread private.... Hmmm actually that might work better....

I'll think on this.


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