I have the 3.5 core books, but that's it for 3.5. I also am quite familiar with Planescape, and have run it as GM several times over the years with at least three different rule systems. I'm currently GMing it with my tabletop group. So, I'll definitely be applying.

My question: where can one find 3.5 stats for Githzerai as a PC race?

Githzerai: MM pg 129. LA +2 is a tad steep, you may want to consider cobbling up a "lesser" version.

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Starting gold/equipment?

Also thanks! If any applicant wants to answer another applicants general question it's appreciated!

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Is that 3/4 for a 1st level character, or 3/4 for an 8th level character? That is, pg 135 of the DMG has 27,000gp as the standard wealth for an 8th level character, so should we assume that characters have 20,250gp to spend? Or just 3/4 of what a first-level starting character would have?

3/4 for an eighth.

And correct.

Make sure the items are expensive- your captors would not have thrown you through with too much loot.

Is it allowable to take the Defiant PrC after 7lvs of Cleric, thus making the character a 8lv Defiant, or do I need an additional base class at lv 1 to do this?
Defiant is similar to the Blackguard, only instead of replacing paladin levels, it replaces cleric's.

P.S.: Love Planescape, hope to get in.

"Maximum of 1 other class is allowed as well as 1 Prestige Class"

Does that mean 1 class + 1 PrC or 2 classes + 1 PrC? Also, will we be allowed more in the future?

2 base classes +1 prestige, I think :+)


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